Romsey Relay

Guest post by Jack Woods – thanks Jack!

On Sunday 1st May, the Romsey Relay Marathon returned for the first time in two years. The wet and grey weather did little to dampen the spirits of runners and spectators alike as 122 teams arrived bright and early for a day of fun, food and fast-paced running at the Broadlands Estate. Teams were tasked with running a marathon distance between 10 team members, which amounted to two laps each around part of the grounds of the Estate.

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OSR parkrun takeover @ Eastleigh

In April, numerous OS Runners decided not to run the usual First Saturday of the Month (FSOTM) event, but volunteer at Eastleigh. This was our first opportunity as a club to complete a “takeover” – where members of a running club aim to fill all volunteer roles at a parkrun for a week – since the Covid pandemic.

Parkrun has given many positive things to some of us in the club; from a weekly activity to aim for, to making lifelong friends.

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Warm up’s and pep talks

OS Runners March 2022 Handicap

As I finished my handicap, I was back in changing rooms and saw Sam Andrews heading out; the conversation went something like this;

MP – How you feeling?

SA – Hmm, not really feeling it today

MP – You’re out here now, you might as well do your best (‘possibly’ using slightly stronger language).

SA – I’ll do my best

Sam’s strava achievements for the handicap

I think this is an example of why self belief is so important

Also running fantastically well in March was Claire Howson who took 1 minute off her PB, having done a 1,200m warm up first.

I’m as guilty as anyone of skipping warm up’s, but benefits are significant;

On top of these, reduced risk of injury from racing on cold legs, meaning you are less likely to lose fitness, while injured.

The handicap isn’t always about racing though – I had a lovely chatty catch up run round the OS circuit with Karen, while Jo ran with Polly.

OSR buff available for human’s and dogs!

& now onto the results, well done to all 12 participants;

Next month we are going to run the OS course handicap after work and have food in WTF/4 Horsehoes afterwards – all welcome, including dogs!

At the Finish Line (Returns) with… Claire Howson

It has been a long time since we did an “At the Finish Line” article, but we have decided to revive it. We know our club members always enjoy a quick insight into the lives of our varied members.

Claire Howson was our first volunteer (victim!) – If you would like to be part of At the Finish Line, or have any ideas of who you would like to hear more from, please let us know.

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