November’s Handicap results and Report

Although it may be getting to(/is) winter, the sun was out for today’s handicap and so were the runners.  Although not boasting as many as last month’s bumper edition, we still had 18 of us out.


A bit of a breeze making it chilly for the timekeepers (James C and Ian R), but nothing to put 5 runners off bringing home PBs – well done to Rachael, Jamie, James B (3 minutes off!), Steve K and Dean.  Mark T is on form and posted his best time since October last year, while we give a warm welcome to Tobey Mabey who ran his first handicap today and posted a respectable sub-29.


There must be some sort of record that goes to the number or runners that finished within a small amount of time, causing James to panic with his timekeeping, luckily thanks to Ian backing up and most people recording their own times, we got a full set of results.

Baz still retains the attendance crown, with 15 consecutive handicaps since August 2015, with Karen waiting for him to drop the ball as she currently has second place.

Thanks to everyone who attended – our next event will be just 4 sleeps before Christmas on Weds 21st December, will it be a “white handicap”?  Will there be mince pies and sherry?  Either way we hope to see you all there.


At the finish line with…Sarah Stead

Tell us a bit about your running history

 I’ve always done running in some form or other, at school I was captain of the athletics team and I was all about the sprint, hurdles and long jump. Short, sharp and fast! Since then it’s been a bit of a love hate with more distance running. Namely because I started running for fitness for other sports; it’s only when it’s been sociable have I learned to love it in its own right and now I enjoy running just because of running.

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Top tips to optimise your running

This is a round-up of some the ‘top-tips’ from research that I’ve picked up on this month to share with you. Some things to think about when you warm-up, run and taking care of yourself to stay in optimal health.  In future round-ups, I’ll try and include links and references so you can find out more if you want, but most of this can probably be searched on-lRunningine.

Land softer. Think about landing softer when you run, study showed – studies show runners landing mid to forefoot registered 54% lower impact forces than those heels striking. Quick feet drills can help with this as it increases cadence which will help you land under your body more and stop over striding. Continue reading