Combe Gibbet

The Combe Gibbet is one of those races that’s been around since we were all but a twinkle in our parents eyes.  It’s a 16 mile cross country which starts from the hangman’s cross at Combe Gibbet on the North Wessex Downs and finishes in Overton.  Most of the run is on mud, trail, unmade farm tracks, with around 2km on tarmac

It was erected in 1676 for the purpose of gibbeting the bodies of George Broomham and Dorothy Newman, left in place as a deterrence to others
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Update on Attendance Award

At the annual OSR awards we have an attendance award to celebrate the runner who has participated in the most activities and club events throughout the year. Our first recipient of this award was Ian Robinson in 2018.

A point will be awarded for each time you attend one of the following:
– Handicap
– 30 Minute Challenge
– Mixed Ability
– Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) event – (the remaining one’s are: Salisbury 10, Alton 10)
– CSSC Races
– Romsey Relay
– Mile of Miles
– Parkrun (club champs weekend only)

As award season looms we wanted to give you an update (in no particular order) of the current top 10. It’s obvious that anyone with a name beginning with ‘K’ is a committed runner in our club! There’s plenty of opportunities to up your number of points before the award is given out so start planning your calendars for those handicaps, mixed abilities and 30 minute challenges!

Latest Top 10

Paul Ashley
Karen Connell
Jon Sharkey
Keith Spiers
Kevin Hurle
Ian Robinson
Mark Aston
Rachael Evans
Mark Tabor
Kat Earls

CSSC Road Relays

Yet more medals for OS Runners

The Road Relays is a pretty simple concept, 4 in a team, each person running 2 laps of Finsbury Park (~ 2.8 miles) before handing over to their team mate and collapsing in a heap

With each lap being only 2.8 miles there is very little pacing or common sense involved, go out really hard, just try and hang on up the hill, stretch your legs out and push on the down hill, then onto the finish straight (every one is watching can’t slow down now), then do it all again. If you were hurting on the first lap the second will feel like agony. If you weren’t hurting on the first lap you probably weren’t going fast enough!

Baz and Alan didn’t know any of this, as they were first timers to the Road Relays, but all the rest of us have run multiple times so were more accustomed to the pain-train.

Teams were established before we left OS, James C, Mark A, Mark S and Tony K in one team and Baz, Matt, James N and Alan in the other. What was discussed in more detail was the running order. Theoretically there is a fastest order (usually fastest last as it is better to be chasing down than be chased), but there is also a certain amount of horse trading as to who would like to run when. After negotiations were complete the order was Mark A, Tony K, Mark S, James C and Baz, Matt, James N, Alan.

At about 5 past 2, the race started, with Mark and Baz both running strong legs, with Mark handing over in 3rd place and Baz just a couple of minutes behind the first place B team. Tony K lost one place (but crucially stayed in clear sight of 3rd), while Matt gained a place. James N ran almost 2 1/2 minutes quicker than last year, but was unable to hold off the National Crime Agency (who had their fastest runner in 3rd position), while Mark regained 3rd overall. Over to James C, who was being chased down by George Dollner (HASSRA) a previous ‘fastest lap’ winner, while James N handed to Alan, who managed to maintain the gap to NCA. James crossed the line in 3rd place overall (with George just 13 seconds behind him), with Alan bringing the B team home in a commendable 87:20 (for 11.2 miles)

A few performances to particularly draw out

James C ran the fourth fastest leg overall (15:46)

Tony K ran 1:18 faster than last year

James Norris ran 2:25 faster than last year

Now for the running pictures, thank you to Baz for being compos mentis enough to take pictures after he’d run

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