Eastleigh 10km

This Sunday finally saw the highly anticipated Eastleigh 10k. This race was rearranged from the spring because of the snowy conditions, but as everyone woke up on Sunday morning to drizzle and grey clouds it didn’t really seem like the summer.

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At The Finish Line With….Rollo Home

Tell us a bit about your running history

It’s a very short history and borne out of necessity rather than any love of running…..it was a simple and time efficient way of doing some exercise. In my younger days I spent a lot of time on adventure or endurance events (weeks long, hundreds of kilometres, generally self-sufficient), but a lack of time (children, work, drink) have put paid to that. Best I can manage is a long-weekend these days (the Dell Management Challenge was fun). So running is necessary evil….I’d rather be on my mountain bike, or telemarks.

Rollo using a passing member of the public to hold him up

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Endure 24

Wasing Park 9/10th June 2018

The first of this year’s 24 hr endurance races that people from OS Runners entered has been completed.

Two teams, OS Hares and OS Tortoises ran the 8km/5mile loop as many times as they could in the 24hr period from 12 noon on the Saturday to 12 noon on the Sunday.

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Hoodies Galore!

For all those who have missed my facebook post…

We may just have entered the summer season, but let’s be real. We live in the U.K., which means we really don’t have a summer season. So equip yourself with one of our new hoodies to keep you warm whilst standing around at all of the upcoming relays! All logos neatly embroidered, so you can accidentally tumble dry them without the fear of losing the logo entirely (or at all) ;).

Price: £20

Keen? Write me an email (lucie.woellenstein@os.uk) or skype me, and I will sort you right out.


your go-to-kit-(wo)man – Lucie