Great Welsh Marathon

As the name suggests, the Great Welsh Marathon is in Wales.  More specifically, Llanelli, just to west of Swansea.  It was a 2 lap course on the Millennium coast path, which was generally flat and scenic.  Scenic is another way of saying exposed, which given the wind forecast for the day meant it would be a little bit harder than we had anticipated. Continue reading

Different things for different people

Salisbury 10 mile 8-April-2018

The Salisbury 10 is an HRRL race and accordingly the standard of runners is fairly high.  Within OSR we fell into 2 camps – those who had targeted it and intended to race as fast as they could and those who had bigger (longer!) events coming up, were pleased to do a ‘shorter’ run on a Sunday, with a focus on getting round comfortably and uninjured.  It is also worthy of note that following the cancellation of Wimborne 20, Bath, Reading, Brentwood & Fleet halfs and Eastleigh 10k due to snow, it was quite a relief to wake up on Sunday to discover Britain wasn’t covered in the white stuff and I would actually get to run.

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Records are made to be broken

The men’s course record was set in March 2013 by Paul Ashley, at 19:20.  The longevity of this record illustrates how fast Paul was and the quality of that time.  It has looked under threat of late though and after 5 years and 1 month, the record has gone, Shaun Brown running a magnificent 19:00 (at a pace of 5:16 per mile). Continue reading

CSSC Road Relays

‘If you’ve got great teammates, anything is possible’

The CSSC Road Relays are a relay (no s*** Sherlock) event, held annually at Finsbury Park, London.  Each participants runs 2 laps on the undulating park road, totalling about 2.8 miles.  Men’s teams consist of 4 runners, with 3 in each women’s team.

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30 minute challenge

For the third 30 minute challenge I added a bit of spice, rather than the predominantly flat route along Lee Lane, we would head out towards Lee Lane, but then turn up Upton Lane.  This meant most of us would get to run up the hill on the way out and therefore need to decide how much faster we could be on the way back – the traditional turn at 15:00 would probably result in finishing early and therefore not making the most of the 30 minutes available. Continue reading