At The Finish Line With…Mark Aston

Tell us a bit about your running history

This is what you call a flying finish!

I took part in cross country and track races at school occasionally representing my school in events against other schools.  I remember doing 400m on a track in a PE lesson and thinking it was the longest distance ever and being completely exhausted afterwards.  After school I didn’t do any running until I was in my 20’s when I tried to pick it up again by running in the Common, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was capable of doing.  To motivate myself around the route I used to say to myself “every time you come to a bench, you can sit down and rest”.  It wasn’t until 2010 that I started running properly thanks to the help and advice of Mick Anglim, Matt White and Peat Allan.

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OS Runners Abroad?

Is Guernsey abroad? Legally not, but you need a ferry or plane to get there and there are a lot of French influences, so we’ll say it is.

What better time to get away than the Easter weekend? Taking advantage of the Bank holiday weekend, 7 keen OS Runners headed off to Guernsey for a weekend of running, cycling, eating and exploring. Guernsey Athletics Club has hosted an Easter running festival for the last 36 years and each year they host 4 great races in 4 days.

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