Desk to 5K – 2017

OS Runners organised a beginner runners course starting in 2014.  Jules Buck-Rogers was the first person to complete the course.  You can read her story in our monthly At The Finish Line profile.  Over time the beginner runs became more formalised by using the popular NHS Couch to 5k programme and adapting it to fit into a workplace environment.

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OS Runners take on the London 2 Cardiff 24 hr Challenge

Over the 9th/10th June a group of 13 (11 runners and 2 drivers) travelled to Twickenham in London and proceeded to run in relay all the way to Sofia Gardens in Cardiff.  All this with the aim of completing the 160 mile challenge in under 24 hrs.

After 3 team stages and 24 individual stages the team finished in a time of 22:59:58 and a position of 9th /42.  A great team effort and a fantastic result.

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At the Finish Line With…Julie Lloyd

Tell us a bit about your running history

Initially I thought I’d try it as a way of continuing with exercise throughout the winter months (cycling is only for summer!) I had attempted it before when I was a lot bigger and found it most uncomfortable and frankly impossible thing to do. Why run!??
However, try I did. I wasn’t confident enough to join the desk to 5k session but it did inspire me and I asked Tara Anglim to coach me. I always remember the first time, Tara was basically walking but I managed 7 minute before having to walk – that only just got me over ½ mile!

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