OS Runners First Annual Sports Day

IMG_5451On Thursday you may have noticed a few of your colleagues walking a bit like John Wayne
as they came into the office.This was actually due to good behaviour, well sort of, as over 20
of OS runners took on Southampton Sports Centre track to prove they are still as good as
their last sports days’ results.
A lot of the OS Runners members turn up each week for one of Viv’s infamous ‘Mixed ability’
sessions or once a month for the handicap run but as a group we decided it would be fun to
try our hand at the rest of the track and field events to see if we’re all as good as we say we
were! Some of us had only joined in the last year as a way to meet other people around
the business and keep fit, others had tried the ‘couch to 5K’ but we all came along to the
Sports’ Day to have some fun in the fresh air before the summer disappeared.
We didn’t take it too seriously and made sure that mixed in with the traditional ‘challenges’
(100m, 400m, long jump and 4x100m relay) we had silly events such as 100m egg & spoon race,
200m skipping, 100m backwards running and 100m three-legged race; so any competitive
edge remained light-hearted and fun.
We even had a small interlude of silly jumps with the high-jump when we all realised
we had no idea about the actual technique involved! There were some really impressive
runs during the day with Andrew Dixey running 100m in just over 11 seconds! It was a
great laugh with everyone cheering each other on, amazingly at the time I’m not sure anyone
really thought about it as actual exercise until they couldn’t get out of bed the next morning!
We finished the evening with a social at ‘The View’ pub with an awards ceremony
and recaps of some of the sillier and more impressive moments of the afternoon. None
of it could have been possible without the help of the incredible organisers, including
James Clarke, Viv Alexander, Den Alexander, Barrie Newman and Mark Stileman (I’m sure
someone has been forgotten) but it looks like this may be the first of many!

Guest Post by Sarah Stead.

Some pics from the day:

IMG_5485 IMG_5418 IMG_5511 IMG_5535 IMG_5612

More pics can be found at our Facebook Group OS Runners

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