Great South Run

After last years success at the Great South Run last year  OS Runners were once again out in force at the biggest 10 mile race in the UK, with 28 of us, including family and former colleagues taking on the flat, fast course.  We were very lucky that there was an easterly wind, which meant a fast final 2 miles was possible, if you had the legs …

As it turned out, quite a lot of us did have the legs with a superb set of results being recorded


If anyone would like this table in spreadsheet form, to play around with, just e-mail Matt.

Its hard to single anyone out, but if I was pushed … Karen, who knocked 17 minutes off her time from last year and Keith, who having run 1:14 with Alana then returned to mile 5.5 to push a friend round in a wheelchair for the final 4.5 miles, both performed incredibly well.




Runners on course, from the ‘Spotted Portsmouth’ website, Baz, Karen & Keith (he is there, on LHS towards top of picture), Matt & Tim (behind the black and yellow ‘WADAC’ tops).


Some of the OS Runners at the finish, L-R Baz, Naomi, Viv, Claire, Wayne, Keith, Matt, Karen, Neil, Simon, Diane and Mark.

Afterwards a few of us went to a nice Turkish/Greek restaurant to refuel and share our race experiences.

EDIT – Update

As part of the Great South Run, there is a business challenge competition.  You enter teams of between 4-8 runners, in male, female, or mixed sex teams and small, medium or large employer depending on how many people work at the company.  OS entered 3 teams in the large employer mixed category, of which there were 10 competing teams.   The first 2 male and first 2 female finishers times in each team are added together and the lowest time overall wins.

Team Explorers (Jamie Blackman, Wayne Loon, Alana Spiers, Keith Watson, Jacques Fourie, Julia Matheson, Andy Joyce and Steve Cole) came fourth overall, with a  team time of 5:45:04

Team Great South Mapping (Baz Newman, Neil Wilson, Mark Tabor, Sam Carter, Tim Manners, Kat Earls, Claire Loon and Liz Cole), came third overall with a team time of 5:43:11.

 Team Mapmakers (Karen Connell, Viv Alexander, Naomi Stanley, Diane Borras, Tim Newman, Keith Spiers, Simon Taylor and Matt Pillinger) WON with a team time of 4:53:29  Incidentally their team time would also have been good enough to win the Male Team competition and was the fastest team time recorded by any team, any gender, any size employer on the day.

We will receive an engraved trophy and plaque in due course, which will be put in the OS Runners trophy cabinet behind reception.