The White Handicap

What a lot of people!

We had 31 timed runners today – numbers boosted by 6 Anglim’s!

I believe 31 is an all time record for the handicap, surpassing the Anglicap from October 2013 and the Horton Handicap from March 2015.

Of the 31, 4 runners recorded new PB’s – well done Den, Dean, James B and Oscar.

In other news, Baz retained (yawn) his record of consecutive attendances, which now stretches for eleventythousand events (21 apparently, but I’ve run out of fingers and toes now, so who’s counting).  Also worth noting that Tim M, Mark A and Neil haven’t missed an event this year.

Thank you to James who (post marathon) was unable to run and so volunteered to help out with starting and timing.  It was James’s 3rd timing this year – if anyone else would like to time for an event please let me know.

Viv was the first finisher today and was kind enough to take lots of photos afterwards – not sure why some are of runners legs though …

The White Handicap.  Jamie and Rob going off plan …

You remember at school when you forgot your PE kit …




Team White


Life looks tough for Mark


I didn’t take this picture!

Or this one …