Lordshill 10k 2017

Loitering with intent to run a 10k

If you fancy taking the family out on a really nice day in the middle of June then just check to see when the Lordshill 10k road race is taking place; every year the weather is dry and warm.  In previous years it has been a little too warm!!  Lordshill 10k Road Race 2017 didn’t disappoint this year either with over 600 runners turning out for a 0930 start from the access road at the front of Ordnance Survey HQ.

If you don’t know the course, it’s along the cycle track and turn left past the Four Horseshoes and follow the track, under the motorway bridges and over the railway bridge down to Station Road.  The runners then follow Station Road into Lee Lane until they get to the little hamlet of Lee where the course goes around a loop in the road to send the runners back the way they came up Lee Lane.  They then go back over the railways bridge and head back towards Nursling Street.  This is the part of the course that will punish you if you haven’t thought about it!  From km7 it’s pretty much all uphill as the course leads you up Nursling Street, left into Winstanley Road and then onto the cycle track through the estate before charging down Broadmead Road and back onto Nursling Street.  From the corner of Nursling Street it’s all downhill back to the OS; the runners follow the pavement down the Romsey Road until they can turn right at Redbridge Lane for a quick mile back to the front of the OS building.  It’s a fast course if you apply some ‘course management’!

The competition was very stiff this year as this race now forms part of the Hampshire Road Race League so there were some very fast boys and girls taking part and the finishing times reflected this with over 10% of competitors coming in under 40 minutes.

OS Runners were of course there in numbers.  Below are the gun times:

Shaun Brown 00:35:24 Kat Earls 00:51:43
James Blyth 00:47:38 Claire Loon 00:56:49
Baz Newman 00:49:07 Kirstie Bulpitt 01:03:55
Sam Carter 00:49:49 Julie Lloyd 01:12:44
Eddie Bulpitt 00:52:17
Tim Manners 00:58:14
Neil Wilson 00:59:48
James Norris 01:04:17