Mile of Miles

OS Runners love a relay event (Romsey Relay, Thunderrun, London2Cardiff etc) and so were all over a more local event – the Mile of Miles, put on by Southampton (as defending champions) Athletics Club.

Its quite a simple event to understand, a team of 10 each run 4 laps of a track (so 1,600m each) in relay and the first team across the finish line wins.  Past attendance has taught us that the standard at local clubs is very high, so this isn’t an event we will win, hence the decision was taken to create some intra-OS rivalry.  Naomi and Matt as the 2 captains each took turns picking their teams, reminiscent of school PE – at least as Captain I couldn’t be picked last …

There are 19 OSR’s in this picture, which means 1 is missing.  Can you work out who it is without ticking names off against the results? (answer at the bottom).

Between the 2 OS Teams tactics were all interesting, but we had both decided to put our ace card out first (Rob and Mark) while Matt and Naomi both agreed to go last in the hope that there would be a good head to head between us – remembering that the Captains had put their own cash behind their team selections – £10 to the winner).

TeamNaomi built up a lead after the first few runners, but TeamMatt was confident in their running order and hopeful that they could reel in them in.   The gap was closing, but probably not by enough and although the Captains were on the track at the same time, Naomi took the chequered flag with aplomb.

Congratulations to the entire team who put in a great effort to record a team time of 1:03:51 and finish 17th overall.   TeamMatt stopped the clock on 1:09:22 to finish 26th out of the 38 teams who competed.  Well done to all OSR’s who took part.

A quick bit of analysis indicates that if we had picked an A & B team (& got the choices perfect) then our fastest selection would have been 59:52 and finished 13th – which given the quality in OSR does show the strength of other local clubs.  Overall winners were Southampton in 51:44 – so a team average of 5:10 per mile – Rob Finch and James Clarke being the only OSR’s to beat that.

Keith coached Chapel Tri A & B (U18’s teams) to 9th and 18th respectively including Annie Mann, who you might remember from the Romsey Marathon Relay – she ran 5:37!

OSR’s with the OSR’s who chose (or were selected) to run for other clubs

Below are pictures from the night – apologies if you aren’t included – we only got organised about half way through the event.  Thank you to Izzy Miles for being photographer.



Missing runner – it’s Adam Atkinson (& I did have to check the results to work it out)