OS Handicap June 2017

So, who did you predict would win?

In a first for the handicap, we added a little game – each runner was asked to predict who they thought would finish first, because of the way the handicap works this means the person who has improved the most recently.  So, here are your guesses;

The people who predicted themselves were added afterwards – if you didn’t pick, James deemed it self selection, which seems fair to me!

First 3 finishers were in, ascending order, Alan Parvin, Julie Lloyd and Steve Kingston, congratulations to all 3 and Steve’s backers, Ian and Kat.

Commiserations to Claire and Adam for backing me – they won’t make that mistake again!  Pre race favourite Rachael was backed by 6 of you, but sadly her challenge was ended with a stitch half way round.

Onto more routine matters, 23 of us completed the course today, bringing our YTD attendance to 139 (2016 YTD was 101 after 6 events), this is great, as I tend to think the more people out the better as it means we are all more likely to have someone close to chase and someone close chasing us.

PB’s were recorded by 8 runners, well done Alan, James Barwell, Jamie, Julie, Kat, Sam, Steve and Tim.  This is the most PB’s since the Anglicap in October 2013.   Talking of the Anglicap that was also Liz Cole’s last run before today – a gap of 3 years and 8 months – but I think time off to have children is a fairly good reason – it was great to see Liz back and hopefully it won’t be 2021 before her next run.

Baz retains his lead in current consecutive attendances, with a run stretching back to August 2015, although I do hear that he will have to miss the August event due to a family event.  2nd place in the competition is currently Tim M who hasn’t missed an event since September last year & in that run has set 4 PB’s!

At the other end of the spectrum, it was nice to welcome first timers, Claire and James Blyth, James becoming the 7th James (Barwell, Blyth, Blackman, Clarke, Crawford, Norris, Terry) to run the handicap taking the lead from Matt (Billings, Maiden, Pillinger, Turner, White, Whiteley).

Thank you to Eddie, James and Nick for timing, starting and photographing, Nick especially took lots of photo’s which are shared below