New Forest 10

The New Forest 10 (mile) is a fantastic local event put on by New Forest Runners. The race started at 11:15, which coupled with a bit of British Summer meant that it was (extremely) warm on  course, the promised shade not being as widespread as we had hoped.   There were lots of OS runners and friends/family on the scenic course where we were also treated to a stampede of horses around the 3 mile mark -sadly no chance to hop on get to the front …

We were well supported on course by Rob Crocker (a late injury related withdrawal), Elaine Jeffrey and Rob Finch (not that I saw him, despite his cheering for me – sorry Rob!).

 Hopefully I have picked up all OSR’s in the results below;

 The (very) sweaty post race picture

Finally, many races give you a medal or t-shirt for competing, at the NF 10 you get a horse brass – literally freaking awesome. 

It looks even better the right way round …

Afterwards it was a short ride/walk into Brockenhurst (Rob F saw a skinny-dipper en route) for lunch