Hampshire Road Race League

As discussed at the AGM in January, we have now taken 2 entries (1 men, 1 women) in the Hampshire Road Race League for 2017-18.   HRRL is a 12 race series for EA clubs in Hampshire which takes place from September (starting with the Overton 5) to June (ending with Lordshill 10k) each year.  This is a great opportunity for you to compete as an individual and also for us as a club and measure ourselves against some of the best local runners  (we won’t be winning this one …)

All the races are ones that many OSR’s have entered in the past, see full list below.

Overton 5 (3 Sept 17)  http://www.overtonharriers.org.uk/club-races/overton-5/

Solent Half Marathon (24 Sept 17) http://www.hardleyrunners.co.uk/SolentHalf.html

Gosport Half marathon (19 Nov 2017) http://gosporthalf.org/

Hayling 10 mile (26 Nov 17) http://www.havantac.co.uk/hayling-10/

Victory 5 (3 Dec 17) http://athleticevents.co.uk/page2.html

Stubbington 10k http://stubbingtongreenrunners.net/index.php/10k

Ryde 10 mile http://www.rydeharriers.co.uk/races/the-ryde-10-mile-road-race/

Eastleigh 10k http://www.runningmania.co.uk/

Salisbury 10 mile http://salisbury10.salisbury-arc.org/

Alton 10 mile http://www.altonrunners.co.uk/club-events/alton-ten/

Netley RVCP 10k http://www.southamptonathleticclub.org.uk/wordpress/netley-10k-race/

Lordshill 10k http://www.lordshillroadrunners.org.uk/lordshill-10k/

Link to Google doc to show who has entered what –


and you can also join HRRL facebook page which they post on regularly (especially useful to see when entries open)

You enter the races as normal (& pay entry fee), this just adds a bit more competition and fun to it and will hopefully get more of us out competing & improving.

For each race, the first 4 men  and first 3 women ‘score’ for the club, with the score being based on your finishing position (1st gets 1 point, 20th gets 20 and so on), so the lower the score the better.

There is also an individual league (Kathy Bailey won the women’s in 16-17) with, I believe, a memento for the first 70 at the end of the season.  They take your best 7 results out of 12, so there is no need to compete in all races if geography, (race) distance or prior commitments preclude you from some events.

As you will see, a lot of the event pages still refer to the event that has happened, but you can definitely enter Overton 5, Solent half and Gosport half – as they tend to sell out – don’t delay.