July Handicap

I’m writing this 5 days after the handicap and to be honest I can’t really remember what happened, so I’m going to try and cook up a story from the results and pictures …22 2 legged athletes took part in the handicap, and we had a debut for a 4 legged participant – welcome Orla Hale-Heighway, who also managed to beat Owain, although as there wasn’t a ‘timeable gap’ (see Tour de France rules) they were both credited the same time.

Numbers were swelled by 3 of the summer interns, Ellie, Hannah and Harry joining for their first event, while Liz, Peter and John also completed their first handicap, alongside the aforementioned Orla.  Fastest time from the newbies was John with 23:44.

3 PB’s were recorded, by Claire, Dan and James, Dan taking the most time off, with a 57 second improvement.

Baz continued to improve his current consecutive attendances record, to 23 events, but in shock news he will definitely miss next months handicap, so assuming he runs, Tim will take over the baton, having not missed an event since September last year.

Since Baz’s run has gone on so long I think it is worth noting things that have happened since he last missed a handicap;

  • The UK has voted for Brexit
  • Donald Trump has been elected President of the USA
  • The Bond film Spectre was released
  • OS has launched the ‘GB as a SpringBoard’ strategy
  • OS Runners have been to Portugal (twice)
  • OS have won the Dell Management Challenge (twice!)
  • Baz has run his first marathon

There was a bit of a fashion faux pas by 7 runners who all turned up wearing the same t-shirt!  I think (& hope) this may be repeated next July though …

Before hand we had a little game to guess the total running time, requires not only the skill to estimate the speed of the course, but also to predict who on the starting list issued in the morning will be a DNS.  At the time the competition started, if everyone ran to their handicap, the total would have been a smidge over 13 hours, but most of you assumed a level of AWOL’s on the start line.  As it turned out, Karen and Matt shared the glory, both predicting 12:00:00, when the total turned out to be 11:47:13.

Finally, of course, big thank you to Nick and Tim for starting us all off at the right time, recording our times and along with Claire taking lots of photo’s.