Sports Day 2017

Sports Day – 2017

OS Runner and recent Desk to 5k graduate Nicky Southam writes…

Being a new member of the OS Runners I wanted to show my support for the Sports Day event and I knew my daughter would love it too. I wasn’t brave enough to sign up for any serious races, just the fun ones like Egg & Spoon, 3 Legged and Kids relay. I was a bit apprehensive about wearing my OS Runners top as didn’t wish to look too keen so eventually decided against it, only to discover nearly everyone sporting their club top when we arrived! Still it was a fantastic event and could really feel the sense of community and friendship, everyone was welcome and included. The children had a wonderful time and entertained themselves in the sand pit and everyone gorged themselves in between races on the yummy strawberries brought by Julie.


The longer races were first on the agenda with some serious effort being put in by all, then came the kids and fun races. One of the funniest moments of the evening was seeing the older competitors starting and stopping their watches for the Egg & Spoon race.. there’s dedication for you! Yes Matt, kicking your egg over the finish line does constitute cheating! There were some very proud and encouraging parents at the finish line of the kids 50m and 100m races and lots of encouragement from the side lines too.

I got swept up in the excitement of the event and volunteered to participate in the 100m sprint.. what was I thinking? It had been more than 25 years ago since I last sprinted for that long! I was elated to finish, albeit last but thankfully in one piece. I subsequently ran 100m twice more in the relay races and was delighted to receive a certificate for 3rd place. My body was in total shock though and perhaps I should’ve warmed up first! The picnic delights arranged by the club afterwards were well worth the effort!

Massive thank you Naomi, James and Egbe for arranging an awesome evening filled with friendly competition, laughter and fun. It was immensely enjoyable and I hope the weather is as kind for next year’s event. I’ll be putting in some practice in the meantime!