Is it the first time this has happened?

I didn’t notice at the time, but in September’s handicap we had 14 women, making up 50% of the total attendees, the first time this has happened.  In an organisation for which the gender split is 72/28 (as per last annual report), the inclusivity and welcoming nature of OSR is definitely something to be proud of and for us all to strive to maintain.On the other hand – men – where are you!

September saw the Desk to 5k group completing the handicap for the first time, so welcome to Bhavani, Nicky, Egbe (also a first timer), Emelia and Bob.

We also saw a debut for Luc Mathew, who was the first finisher, storming down the path while the timer (me) was still staring into space and generally daydreaming!

We also saw 4 PB’s, normally Claire Savage’s time of 32:08, knocking 3 seconds off her previous best (which in turn knocked 4 seconds off the previous) would be impressive, but both Simon Bonney and James Blyth both managed to record a PB by just 1 second.  Ellie was the ‘biggest PB’ taking her record down by a massive 1:19!

Onto the all important times;

You had an average run time of 30:58, while of those who competed today, the average attendance (running or timing) is 13, with a total of 371 events attended.

Finally, Tim has now not missed an event for an entire year!