December ‘Run Naked’ Handicap + Review of Year (in numbers)

Decembers’ handicap was a ‘no devices/run naked’ event, with runners asked to guess their time before the event and then a prize for the closest guess.

Of course there are several (lots of) OSR’s for whom the thought of running without a Garmin and hence it not being on Strava would cause some sort of internal meltdown (I’m not judging, I am perfectly aware I am in that group), so there was quite a bit of parcel tape being used at the start …

On the course every so often my Garmin would vibrate for mile indicators and I would lift my arm to look at it and think ‘damn it’.

17 runners took part in the event and congratulations to Ellie, Harry, Kat and Nick who all PB’d today.  Ellie knocking another 1:44 off a PB that was only set last month, Harry becoming the 7th fastest person ever on the handicap.  Kat earning a 34 second PB, which is well deserved for all the training she has put in lately and Nick, who missed out by 3 seconds last month, going 6 seconds in the right direction this month, to record a 23:18 PB.

The interesting thing would be, does a device make you run slower or faster – i.e. do you become to obsesssed with running to a pace from your device, rather than how you feel.

As you can see, most people beat their prediction, some by considerable margins, the average variance being 1:05 – a blended average of 59 seconds for the ‘run too fast’ and 1:22 for the ‘overly ambitious’, although it does tend to be the faster runners who were too conversative in their estimates.

We have run this event 3 times and after having a 3 second winner (Eddie), 2 seconds (Adam A) and 1 second (Mick) we were due a direct hit, sadly no one could oblige, but Matt came closest with a 2 second variance to win the chocolate

Its virtually empty now …

Review of the Year/All time Handicaps

This one is mainly going to be about the stats;

52 different runners have taken part in the handicap, running a total of 271 times (5.2 average), with an average running time of 28:36.  We’ve collectively spent 129 hours, 11 minutes and 26 seconds on course and have run 975.6 miles between us (going for the 1,000 next year).

Only 1 person has attended every handicap this year – well done Tim Manners, the other top attendees are as follows;

Top Attendees of all time

If I’d realised it was my 50th I would have worn my parkrun 50 top today.

Slight caveat that we didn’t start recording who the starter/timer was until 1 Jan 2014, Mick was probably the most regular timer for the first 18 events so would move up the leaderboard.

Since the handicap started we have had 997 finishers, which means the third finisher next month will be our 1,000 recorded time – will it be you?

In case you are wondering who the fastest of all time are;

Men Top 30

Women Top 30

We are hugely indebted to the following people, who have volunteered to start us and time the event this year – Ian Robinson, James Clarke, Eddie Bulpitt, Egbe Manners, Baz Newman, James Norris, Nick Lindsay, Tim Newman, Rob Finch, James Blyth, Claire Savage, Mark Tabor, Keith Spiers and Dean Paulley – without their assistance there would not have been a handicap.

Thats about all I can think of for now, but if there is any other data or analysis you would like, just ask …