Gutbuster 10

The Gutbuster 10 takes place on 31 December each year, it is a cross country 10 mile or 10km course from Bramley between Reading and Basingstoke.  Both courses do the same route, with 10 milers just doing a couple of extra loops at 5 and 8 miles.

OSR was represented by Matt P and Mark S (running under Romsey colours), both running the 10 mile event, with Sue Stileman along to give encouragement, take photo’s and maybe laugh at all the runners covered in mud.

Describing it as a cross country is a not really giving it full credit, there are 2 river crossings (1 calf high, 1 knee high) and with recent rain, several more deep ponds in the fields that we had no choice but to run through.   The course’s piece de resistance is the final 400 yards across a cabbage patch field, recent rain and allegations that the farmer had ploughed the field recently turned it into something resembling a boggy swamp.

Before – I tried walking on it and just sank/stuck in the mud.


So grateful for my Salomon SpeedCross trainers

Mark had more time to recover before this pic than me, (finished 10 minutes ahead), so looks much fresher!

Photos 2-5 courtesy of Sue Stileman