November Handicap

November saw 21 runners out on the handicap course, with the title of first finisher being taken by Ellie, storming down the path to a 2:48 PB!   We had an average run time of 29:03, so on the subject of averages;

2017 (to date) 28:38

2016 (exc the 2 events on short course) 28:24

2015 – 26:52

2014 – 26:16

2013 – 25:46

2012 – 25:26

You’d be forgiven for thinking we are getting slower, but actually when I look at the numbers we are generally individually getting faster, while the handicap is attracting people who might not have previously thought competitive running was for them.  I looked back at the 2012 results; approx 2/3 of runners had a PB of less than 25 minutes, now its more like 1/3 of runners in that speedy group.  So well done all the more sensibly paced runners who have started running with OSR over the years and especially well done to everyone who has promoted the message that running is for all , speed isn’t important and the only competition is yourself!

And here is the data (attendees, PB’s and average time) by event

& on to today’s times

Well done Alex and Jon on their first handicaps and huge thanks to Dean and Tim for starting, timing and photographing us.  Dean has also kindly volunteered to time again next month, as he is, unfortunately, injured.

Tim has still run every handicap this year (for anyone who is worried about these things – timing still counts as attendance if you are after a record) , there are several other impressive attendees in 2017, including Matt P (10 events), Baz, Mark A, and Ian R (9 events), Dean, Naomi, Rachael and Mark T (8 events) and Karen and Keith (7 events).

The next handicap is on the 18th December and it will be a run naked one.  You don’t have to take this literally, the idea is to predict your finish time and then either run without any timing device (or cover it up – there’s more than 1 OSR who would be distraught to run and not have it on Strava) and see how close you get to your prediction – prize for the best – & worst – guess.

This is what a winner looks like 🙂

Cold was it!?