Victory 5

We are indebted to Neil Wilson for his guest post.  If anyone else would like to write an article  we are always receptive as it keeps the website fresh and gives alternative viewpoints.  If its something you’d like to do, just ask – you can write about handicaps, 30 minute challenges, external events or anythnig else that takes your fancy.

I had entered the Victory 5-mile race in Portsmouth as part of the Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL). It had been moved to a different course this year due to urgent work being undertaken on the Portsmouth Sea Defences. The new location was Lakeside North Harbour. It has the reputation of being a fast race as it is run on a mostly flat route. Runners were assembling on a grey Sunday morning on 3 December in various car parks at the site and lined up on one of the roads. I spotted a few OS Runners (but not in the OS Runners colours), Ian Smith, Viv Alexander, James and Vicki Clarke and Mick and Jan Anglim. Couldn’t see another OS vest, could I be the only representative?

Soon we were off. Running around the outside of the car parks and along pavements we quickly made our way away from the buildings and out along the side of the A27. Quite narrow so not much chance of overtaking but it gradually thinned out. Den Alexander and Sue Wilson (my wife) were cheering me on at this stage. The runners made their way down a slight slope and then along a path by the Lake. The buildings were coming back into view as it was a two-lap course. Spotted Den and Sue again.

We started on the next lap and it wasn’t long before I saw Viv in the distance. I was going quite well and gradually caught her up at about a mile to go and wished her a Happy Birthday as I passed. We made our way to the finish line after spotting Den and Sue a couple of times again. James, Vicki and James’s Dad I heard cheering for me as I crossed the finish line. Not my best time for this distance but I was pleased none the less. I had been the only OS Runner representing OS that day, so I finished 1st in the Club category. This will be the one and only time that will happen!!

I enjoyed the run and would like to thank all those who cheered me on at various places along the course.


Matt writes: thank you Neil.  I can’t let a race happen without posting the results though!