The 2nd 30 minute challenge

After the success of the inaugural 30 minute challenge in November (& with thanks to Rob F for coming up with the idea), we held a 2nd event in January 2018.

As with the first event, there was quite a bit of pre event discussion about when to turn, the course was predominantly flat, but any small bumps out or back could make a big difference, what was the wind doing?  With it being an all or nothing event, even minor factors needed to be considered.

At precisely 12:15:00, Eddie and Claire set us off, Mark Aston shot off like a whippet, with Harry Odell not far behind and then a group of Matt M, Nick , Dean, Ian, Paul  and James B formed, although by the time they got to Tesco’s the cream (Nick and Paul) had gone off the front of this group.

From a relatively mid position in the field it seemed like most people went a bit further in time terms before turning back than at the inaugural, when all runners made it back.  Had anyone over estimated their abilities today, in less than 15 minutes we’d find out.

First to return was Kieran, in 27:44, admitting that he bailed early (Strava fly-bys show show that he turned at 14:00!).

Lots of runners came in between 29:15 and 29:45 and as the countdown began we could see a few still on course, the prize for getting the most out of the time goes to Nick L, finishing in 29:59 and definitely sprinting the last section.

Unlike the first event, 5 runners overcooked it today … James Blyth being the first to fail (first to cross the line after time expired), while Ian was the last finisher – maybe not a coincidence that he was also the final finisher last time, only then he was inside the time limit.

As you can see Harry ran the furthest, with a very impressive 7.64km, while Karen and Diane both went further than they did in the inaugural and made it back (the crucial bit).

The next 30 minute challenge will be in March and I think its time for a slightly hillier course (flat out and back just isn’t challenging enough).

Finally on behalf of all of us, thank you to Claire and Eddie for starting, timing, photographing and most importantly, closing the course at 30:00!

RED Runner Naomi

Jan, Tony and Diane

Rachael, with the masses lining up behind her as time counts down, I can make out Paul, Dean, Neil, Matt P, Karen, either Mick or Harry and Matt M

Speedy Harry, judging by the runners in the background I think he had another 10 seconds available Nick had about 1/2 second from this point, definitely a dip finish

Everyone who took part (we are going to need more showers in the changing rooms soon 🙂 ) The ‘losers’, James, Mark and Luc look far too happy