Did you R.E.D.?

January 2018 handicap, by Matt Pillinger

Lots of your OS colleagues ran every day during January to raise for money for Solent Mind.   The handicap being on 31st January gave them all a chance to complete their final run as one big group, although lots of them had run together, and with other members of OSR,  throughout the month.  They started the month with a £500 fundraising target and ended up over quintupling that, with the current total being £2,621.

Its over guys, kudos to you all

Speaking to them throughout the month, they formed a strong and supportive group and hopefully will all have great memories of their crazy month.

On to more routine matters, we had 38 (thirty eight) runners on course for the handicap, this is a course record by a considerable margin – the previous best being 31.

Team RED were first off, having negotiated a group start and an early time (tired legs) they then proceeded to stampede round, Egbe even achieving a PB and completely ruining my plan for them to be caught by all other runners so we could all then applaud them over the finish line.

Joining Egbe in breaking PB’s were Claire Savage, James Barwell, James Blyth, Karen Connell and Rachael Evans.

Red and bold is a PB, a red border is for the RED runners

We also welcomed newcomers to the handicap, from RED, David Henderson, Jo Shannon, Lynne Allan and Molly Murray, with Martha James and Jon Sharkey being non RED first timers.

Of course, with this many runners, a great deal of pressure was put on the timekeepers, Rollo and Ian R –  I understand that watching us all descend down the path was an impressive sight, although crossing it in such quick succession nearly caused time keeper Rollo to lose his super cool aplomb!

Many more runners and we’ll need a wide angle lens!

Hope to see you all again next month, on 26 February.