30 minute challenge

For the third 30 minute challenge I added a bit of spice, rather than the predominantly flat route along Lee Lane, we would head out towards Lee Lane, but then turn up Upton Lane.  This meant most of us would get to run up the hill on the way out and therefore need to decide how much faster we could be on the way back – the traditional turn at 15:00 would probably result in finishing early and therefore not making the most of the 30 minutes available.

I personally had decided that 15:15 was the right time to turn, surmising that I would be about 30 seconds quicker on the way back, although in reality, seeing Dean (in front of me) turning at 15:05 lead to a crisis of confidence and I turned at 15:10.

Special mention for Ellie and Jules who turned at 13:00 – they claim its because they misread their watches in the rain, but it did also avoid the need to run the uphill section!

As it turned out my 15:10 turn was way too early and I finished in 29:22, so could probably have turned at 15:25 and made it back, or just worked a bit harder on the way out so I got further up the lane before turning (but of course then I may have missed the cut).

On a more hilly course, which is harder to run and requires more thought to maximise the distance, there were an impressive number of distance PB’s – well done to Dean, Harry (who got to the bus stop on Romsey Road!),  Karen, Matt and Tony.

One of the hardest challenges for the OSR Committee is to come up with new idea’s and events, idea’s can come from anyone in the club – the 30 minute challenge was Rob’s – so if you have idea’s for different events please don’t keep them to yourself.

Finally, thank you to Baz, James C and James B for starting, timing and photographing.

The timers were quite surprised to see Jules and Ellie back so soon, but at least they made sure they could get back in 30:00.

Worth noting the gap between Jamie (blue t-shirt) and the Harry, Dean, Matt group in the background of this picture (5 yards max)

Yet by the line Jamie had expanded that gap – an impressive sprint finish by Mr B.


Tony was the last person to finish inside 30 minutes.  In the background we can see Diane, Jan and Jon.