It wasn’t as snowy as later in the week,

but there was still the occasional snow flurry and certainly a biting wind for the February 2018 handicap, which resulted in quite a few runners dressing a bit like this;

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop 21 runners braving the cold, including first timer, Kevin Hurle, sporting his new OSR top, which he’d only bought that morning.  In cold conditions, Jon Sharkey was the only PB, running 20:20 and in the process moving to 6th on the all time list.  Having seem him in action I think 6th my only be a temporary stop for him though.

With Tim M having missed today and indoing so, ended his 16 event attedance streak, we have a new leader;  top 5 are

Rachael and Keith (every event since and including Aug 17)

Ian R (every event since and including July 17)

Dean (every event since and including May 17)

Matt P (every event since and including April 17)