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Salisbury 10 mile 8-April-2018

The Salisbury 10 is an HRRL race and accordingly the standard of runners is fairly high.  Within OSR we fell into 2 camps – those who had targeted it and intended to race as fast as they could and those who had bigger (longer!) events coming up, were pleased to do a ‘shorter’ run on a Sunday, with a focus on getting round comfortably and uninjured.  It is also worthy of note that following the cancellation of Wimborne 20, Bath, Reading, Brentwood & Fleet halfs and Eastleigh 10k due to snow, it was quite a relief to wake up on Sunday to discover Britain wasn’t covered in the white stuff and I would actually get to run.

The course is a loop North of Salisbury, quite scenic, although the drizzle meant if, like me, you wear glasses, it was quite hard to see much.  I did however see the Llama’s enroute and the camels at the end.  It was described as gently undulating, although with climbing of c 120m, it was rather hillier than I had anticipated.

I did wonder, what if this camel wants to be Jean Claude Van Camel, but is dressed up like Drag Queen Camel?

As always, OSR was well represented, some running under club colours, some competing for their first claim club and others as unaffiliated.  In other words, I’ve done my best to find you all in the results, but if I’ve missed you, sorry, let me know and I will correct the post.

Unsurprisingly given all the training he has done lately, Shaun was first OS over the line in a stunning 56:10, which was also a PB.  He was followed, at some distance by the rest of us. Chatting to James before hand he mentioned the time Shaun was looking for,  I happened to glance at my watch at that race time with quite some distance left to run and thought ‘Shaun is finishing now’ – quite a sobering thought.

I’d seen Julia and Matt King before hand, so it was great to know we’d have some on course support, it was also a nice surprise to see Kat and Tom without about 200 yards to go, just as I was thinking ‘jog it in’ I thought I’d better put a bit of effort in for the last few yards!  As well as supporting us they took lots of photos, below.


There are lots more photo’s on the flickr album https://www.flickr.com/photos/127347935@N06/albums/72157694684541114