Netley Abbey 10k

Did Neil mention his bad foot?

Guest post by Sue Wilson

Sunday morning and another run for Neil and OS runners. Met Baz by the cafe as he was waiting for others to arrive. Walked over and collected Neil’s number and used Baz’s hole punch for the OS clips to attach to his running top. Met up with Matt, Naomi, Rob (Naomi’s boyfriend), Naomi’s Mum and Dad, Karen, James and Vicki. Start was approaching and various runners were off for a last minute comfort break.

 It was Sunny with a cool breeze but I guess it was going to be hotter on the course when running. Everyone went off to the start. Baz wasn’t expecting a fast time after having 4 late and busy evenings. Karen felt good (so it proved by getting a PB). Neil was hoping for a quicker time than in London a few days earlier (did he mention he had been suffering from an injury to his right foot!)

 Your glutes are the largest muscles in your body – so big glutes = fast runner.  Not always a correlation though, or I’d (Matt) be a lot faster 🙁

Took up my place near to the start along with Rob and Naomi’s Mum and Dad. Chatted amongst ourselves and then the first runners came along, we clapped and cheered them as they passed. Then a gap and more runners were coming along. As OS runners usually wear the OS tops it is easy to spot them as they come towards you. Although James and Vicky were wearing their club colours we still cheered and clapped them as they passed. 

 As it was a 3 lap course it became difficult to work out which lap everyone was on. Neil was at the back (did he mention his bad foot!). It soon became clear that each person was on their last lap, a short turn to the right and around the field to the finish. We moved towards the finish to cheer them home. Congratulations to all. Baz had to go and collect his family but the rest of us decided to go to the cafe for a well-deserved rest for the runners and a drink and cake for all. 

Looking forward to the next Sunday race with Neil (did he mention his bad foot!) and other OS runners.