Romsey Marathon Relay

The Romsey marathon relay is a great event held at Broadlands in Romsey. A marathon distance, but divided across 10 people, so each person runs 2.62 miles.  This makes it accessible to desk to 5k runners and also a speed challenge for some of the faster runners in the club.

OS has won this event for the last 2 years, but we had heard rumours that Romsey Road Runners were assembling a very fast team this year.  Never ones to duck a challenge, OS also sought high and low for the fastest people in the club, determined that RRR would have to work very hard if they hoped to take ‘our’ trophy.

Overall there were 5 teams from Ordnance Survey this year, OS Runners, OS RED (Run Every Day), OS ‘This Girl Can’, OS Project Managers and OS Finance, which meant a total of ~ 50 OS Runners at the event + assorted family and friends.

This was fantastic as a runner and a supporter as there were lots of OSR’s on course at each time and also loads of supporters cheering you on.

Romsey was turned blue and magento on Sunday

Fortunately the weather was fantastic again for this event, which meant the big OS gazebo was used more for ‘bring and share’ food (there was ALOT of food) and occasional breaks from the sun.  As it was right on the race track it was possible to eat and spectate all at the same time!

Everyone who was there, of course knows what happened, OS Runners started strong, were strong throughout and finished strong,  beating their own course record from last year, recording 2:35:55. Ultimately Romsey Road Runners had a quality that we could not match and deservedly won in 2:31:04.  All was not lost though, as one of our own, Mark Stileman was running for Romsey, so an OSR still got to lift the trophy.

Mark graciously noted that Romsey were very determined to beat OS this year and their team reflected that.

Among the other teams, we also recorded a very impressive set of results, especially given that OS Runners had ‘minesweeped’ the faster runners for their team.   OS RED finished 25th in 3:23:46, OS Project managers, 32nd in 3:27:30, OS Finance, 42nd in 3:35:40 and OS This Girl Can 50th in 3:39:30.  The other teams were built independently, but actually all had their 10th (final) runner on the course at the same time, so ended up being remarkably well balanced.   Overall there were 130 teams, so I think we can conclude that OS has; a) Lots of runners, b) a depth of quality and enthusiasm; & c) some pretty speedy runners.

OS Runners – Harry, Dean, Matt, Peat, Karen (C), Tim, Ian, Paul and Jon

Agile Runners (who missed the memo about prefixing the team name with OS) – Zoe, Sasha, Jon, Martha, James, Jena, Matt (C) and Chloe 

OS This Girl Can – Lucie, Rachael, Claire (C), Liz, Jules, Egbe, Julie and Gemma

OS Finance – Jenny, Peter, Luretta (+ Reuben), Keith, Diane, Rob, Siobhain, Alison, Matt (C), Jason

OS RED – Hazel (C), James, Naomi, Baz, David and Neil

There are loads more pictures on the OSR facebook page.

Full results are here 

The running order of each team was

OS Runners – Harry, Dean, Matt P, Mike, Karen, Tim, Ian, Peat, Paul, Jon

OS RED – Darragh (Hendley), Lynne, Chris C, Neil, David, James T, Tim M, Baz, Claire L, Naomi

OS Agile – James B, Ben, Matt M, Martha, Jena, Chloe, Zoe, Sasha, James (again!),  Jon

OS Finance – Keith, Luretta (Jon’s fiancée), Siobhain, Diane, Rob, Alison, Peter, Jenny (Peter’s GF), Jason, Matt P.

OS This Girl Can Fiona (Chambers), Rachael, Claire, Fiona (again!), Egbe, Gemma  Jules, Julie, Liz, Lucie


After the main event, the Rotary put on a children’s race over 1.3 miles, which is always popular with OS children.

 Its all about the medals (& running with your friends)

Miranda Beverley displaying great running technique

Finally, it is worth noting that Charlie, the President of Romsey Rotary, sent a note to all Captains in the following week, containing this text ..