At The Finish Line With….Rollo Home

Tell us a bit about your running history

It’s a very short history and borne out of necessity rather than any love of running… was a simple and time efficient way of doing some exercise. In my younger days I spent a lot of time on adventure or endurance events (weeks long, hundreds of kilometres, generally self-sufficient), but a lack of time (children, work, drink) have put paid to that. Best I can manage is a long-weekend these days (the Dell Management Challenge was fun). So running is necessary evil….I’d rather be on my mountain bike, or telemarks.

Rollo using a passing member of the public to hold him up

When and how did you start running for OS Runners?

Why? I’ve no idea! You’re a persuasive bunch of people! I think it was Mick Anglim that first collared me, but actually I’ve found that running with a group is so much more effective in terms of development, it’s even worth having to listen to Matt Pillinger’s detailed run analysis….I don’t take my running times that seriously. It’s also a lot more pleasant running with others than I had thought it would be.

How often do you train and what sessions do you do outside of the club?

I try and run three to four times a week (travel commitments allowing) with some external sessions (cross-training, circuits, etc.)

Which is more satisfying… going for a training run or running a race?

I’ve not run competitively (unless a Park Run counts!). …and I’m not really interested in trying.

What is your running highlight so far?

Running the north Devon coast path solo… terrible weather…..very early in the morning. Absolutely stunning scenery (enhanced by the dramatic weather), and all to myself. I actually enjoyed the run at the time of running….not sure that I’ve had that since.

What are your future running goals?

To enjoy it….I really would like to. You all seem to…

What’s the most valuable piece of running advice you’ve ever been given?

Just do it….starting is the hardest part.

Where do you like to run and have you anywhere particularly memorable?

I definitely prefer off-road. The muddier, the higher, the better. I’m no fell runner (for obvious reasons) but running in the hills is the best.

Do you have any running experiences you’d care to forget?

Lots. But nothing serious…no accidents or anything worth mentioning.

Do you have any other passionate interests?

Other? 😉

Finally, which other OS Runner do you most admire?

That’s tough. I am very impressed at how welcoming the club is to all levels of runner and the support that is provided (I’ve benefited massively from the Mixed Ability sessions for example). And I’ve been very impressed at the progress that I’ve seen many people make. I know from my own running that actually recognising improvement in yourself is very difficult – so having that external reference is good