Lordshill 10km

Guest Post by Ian Robinson

The Lordshill 10km is the final race in the HRRL series, which started with Overton 5 mile last September – that certainly feels like a long time ago and for Vicki and James in particular, a lot of miles ago, as they have completed all 12 of the HRRL this series.  Naomi, Karen and Matt have completed 7 races and are hoping to be on the ‘Top 100’ mug.  Frankly it is getting a little concerning how worried I (Matt) am about getting on this mug.

Anyway, now onto Ian’s write up

Explorer House looked splendid in the summer sunshine – an impressive venue to host the start /finish of the Lordshill 10K, organised and staffed by the Lordshill Road Runners. The riot of vest colours of the clubs participating gave a carnival atmosphere.

OS Runners field 26 runners with a wide range of experience. James Norris, Alan Parvin, Julie Lloyd, Michael Dunn and Siobhain Ryan graduation from the 5 – 10 K training programme. While Baz, Karen and Matt P are marathon veterans. Other colleagues decided to run under their “alternative” team colours (James and Vicki C, Mark and Sue S, Ruth, Mick and Jan A) but we love them anyway!

The 9:30 start time loomed and 645 competitors made their way to the start line. The temperature was rising – in more ways than one! A last-minute bit of grass mowing at the gate to the cycle path and they were off! A truly impressive sight, as a phalanx of runners charged north along Adanac Drive and onto the cycle path, resembling a huge snake!

The course is well known to OS runners as it comprises of some of the Handicap route, Kenyan Hills mixed ability and social run route. Along the cycle path, past the Four Horse Shoes, Tesco Depot and turn right onto Station Road and onto Lee Lane, looping around Lee Church Lane at 4 Kms then doubling back to the Four Horse Shoes and the shallow incline to the bend onto Winstanley road at the 7 kms mark. Now the heat was telling, with runners keeping to the shade where possible. OS Runners were working hard. Determination on Eddie’s face. A quick wave from Neil. A beaming smile from Naomi. Alan hotly pursued by Mrs. Graham Sanson (in the racing sense). The route Threaded up through the housing estate, peaking at the top of Broadmead Road and a chance to make up time on the down hill before tuning into Nursling Street, onto Romsey Road then down Redbridge Lane, home across the finish line near the main entrance of Explorer House.

Once there, exhausted finishers took advantage of the shade offered by “the wall”, or congregated on the grass in front of the sculpture to cheer their team mates on that final burst from the roundabout to the finish line. James N did his classic “touchdown” sprint finish. Matt P did his classic post-race “shirt off” pose. One for the laydeeze!   (MP – in my defence my shirt resembled a wet rag).

All smiles now it was over. The heat (and for many the high pollen count) made the going tough but all OS Runners finished and collected their trophy glass. I hope they took a celebratory drink of their favourite tipple from it. It was well earned.

After the race Baz and Alice put on a cracking BBQ at Newman Towers for us, which was made even better by England putting 6 past the Panama (‘Rugby!) team in the World Cup.

Thank you Ian for taking lots of photo’s.  He says its quite tricky to take photo’s of people who are moving really fast, which I think is a compliment to us runners …