May 2018 Handicap

Its great if your name starts with H or R

23 runners took part in the May handicap, with 4 PB’s for Harry, Helen, Rachael and Ram – hence the title of the post.  Ram also provided his thoughts on the handicap and OSR in general which are below.It’s a pleasure to be part of OS Running club .  Before joining the club my running stint were few and far spread in spite of being a sports person, however now I seem to be bitten by the running bug.  I have participated  twice in Handicap Run .

  • Its truly rewarding.
  • It has boosted my physical and Mental endurance.
  • It’s astounding to see the effort the members put into time keeping for every participant.

This has encouraged me to work on my pace to better my performance, which is apparent with my second Handicap run.
My heartfelt gratitude to all the fellow runners for your support.

I have set an example for my friends in the local community  who have taken to running now .

A huge thank You to Jon and James for supporting the Event.

Thank you Ram and congratulations on the PB.

Also, welcome to David on his first handicap and congratulations to Keith (40th run), Ian S (30th run), Mark A (50th event) and Karen (25th event).

& now the classified results (red and bold is a PB)

In terms of longevity of attendance there are 4 runners (Karen, Kat, Keith and Rachael) who have attended every event this year, looking back to 2017, Keith and Rachael both started their consecutive attendance record in August.  However, Calendar surfing suggests Rachael will be abroad for the next handicap – good things must come to an end 🙁

While I am here, below is the history of the handicap by event, with no. of runners, no of PB’s and average run time.

& the photo’s, with thanks to James for these (& Jon for timing).