August 2018 Handicap

August marked the second month that OS Runners ran the new 5km handicap run. Without Shaun’s chalk marks to guide the way and many still getting used to the route, minds were tested as well as legs. That said temperatures had dropped by some 11′ since last month, which I believe bode well for everyone and we had a whooping 11 PBs!

4 new runners for this route also joined this month, and we welcomed an entirely new handicap runner all together; Bruce Ford!

A new course record was set for the men – 16:55 run by Jon Sharkey! A real impressive accomplishment, well done. Shaun, can we expect you to go out and try and beat this next month?

Another special mention has to go to Paul Ashley. Fresh back from annual leave, his mind must have still been in holiday mode, because Paul managed to run the route backwards in the opposite direction to everyone else. I think this is an achievement in its own right :P.

Now for the results:

And now for some personalised photos!