September 30 minute challenge

September’s 30 minute challenge might have been a bit easier than the previous event in July, in that we were allowed to run with devices uncovered so we could see our pace and also when 15:00 was up, if that’s when you wanted to turn around, so would we go further than last time?As usual we were set off at 12:15 and headed off up the path

From what I can see from Strava flyby’s the turn around times were approximately, Karen – 14:45, Paul 14:55, Matt 15:00, Tony 15:25 & Liz 15:35, but who had been conservative, who had pushed it too far?

Congratulations to Emily, Karen, Matt and Steve for making it back inside the time limit and especially Paul for recording a distance PB and also going the 2nd furthest anyone has ever gone on this challenge (James C holds the record).

Only Karen, Mark, Matt and Tim ran both events on this course, with Tim failing on both occasions and Mark failing today, it was left to Karen and Matt to see if ‘no devices’ is easier – well both ran further today and also ran at a faster average pace – so a clear selling point for Garmin!

They beat the clock 🙂

Time waits for no man, or woman, not sure what Tony is so happy about?

In other news

  • This is the first event for which over 50% of the field have missed the time cut
  • Tim has now failed in 3 out of his 6 events (I’ve just checked the photo to confirm he actually wears a watch)
  • Karen, Matt and Tim maintained their EP (Ever Present) status for 30 minute challenges

Personally the 30 minute challenge is my favourite OSR event, I love the brutal nature of success or failure which really encourages me to put the hammer down on the way back, that it is truly personal to me – it doesn’t matter how far Paul, Emily or anyone else goes – how far can I go? and also that it encourages you to back your ability by going a bit beyond 15:00 on the outward leg.

All this makes me extra thankful to Rachael for volunteering to time today (she had a 1:00 meeting so couldn’t run and get changed in time) and hence allowing me to run.

The next event will be on 9th November, with an invite to come out in the week before.  It will be on a different route too.