CSSC Cross Country

Report by Jena Leach

They say all bad things come in threes and in this case, it was three laps round what can only be described as a very challenging course, as the male runners found out. Perhaps I speak for myself when I say thankfully it was only two laps for the women. 

 Yet despite the (many) hills, and not to mention the 24-degree heat, it was an amazing turnout for OS with 18 runners who made up almost 20% of the field. 


With a hilly course comes many ups and many downs, and in true OS style, many medals. Jon Sharkey, Paul Ashley, James Clarke and Mark Stileman deservedly took second place for the men’s team. Jon Sharkey, Paul Ashley and James Clarke were awarded first place in the men’s M35-M49 team category. Sadly Mark Stileman, Ian Robinson and Mick Anglim narrowly missed out on a medal for the men’s 50+ team, placing them fourth. 

 Let’s not forget about the women. Nicole Frith claimed herself third place, whilst Karen Connell bagged herself 9th (not a bad effort at all considering this was just three days after her marathon!) with Kat Earls coming in 16th place and Rachel Evans just behind in 17th. Nicole, Karen and Kat placed third women’s team. 


All the OS runners put in an amazing effort which most definitely wasn’t easy considering how difficult, and dangerous (as Naomi found out), the course was…

 Just after a mile into the 4-mile course Naomi hit the deck having injured her ankle. As the runners zoomed past, Naomi bravely waited for help, which came in the form of Mark Tabor and Keith Spiers who very kindly stayed with her until medical help arrived. With a suspected displaced fractured ankle, this was not how anyone had imagined the day to go. After being carted off to the nearest hospital, the rest of the runners freshened up and headed to the nearest pub to rehydrate. 

Thankfully Naomi was seen relatively quickly and was able to join the rest of the gang at the pub for a drink before heading home. Luckily no bones were broken, but her ankle was very swollen and badly sprained. We wish Naomi a speedy recovery!

Full results are available on CSAA website here http://www.csaa.org.uk/Results18/18NatXCResultsv2.pdf