October Handicap 2018

Another month gone by means another handicap in the bag for all those that ran this month.

Slowly the temperatures are resembling more and more what they should this time of year. Clear skies and sun are still persisting, so all in all, pretty good conditions. This month we had 24 attendees, which apart from the first month on these new course, is the most we’ve had. We had 7 course PBs (congratulations!) and an average time of 24:29. No course records were set for the men or women, so Karen’s and Jon’s titles remain safe for yet another month!

Special thanks to James Blyth and Ian Robinson for timing, and Jon Sharkey for top notch, on-course photography!

All times can be found below. PBs are, as usual, highlighted in red. Here you can also find your previous 3 month times, as well as several other statistics.

And again as usual many individual photos for your own enjoyment…