OS Runners Questionnaire Responses

Thank you to everyone (51 runners) who responded to our questionnaire in August/September.  We have now reviewed all the answers, picked out the recurring themes and have responded below.  There are some things that are harder to change, but where we can, we will.

Social Run

Responses generally fell into 2 camps a) Faster runners should slow down to the social pace of slower runners; & b) it’ll never work because of the range of paces in the club.

We intend to carry on with the social run, but will publicise it more (including yammer) with the hope of getting more runners out.  The more runners we have out the easier it is to self select into 2 or 3 groups outside the changing rooms.  We would like faster runners to choose to run with the slower groups occasionally, but obviously can’t mandate this.


Several responses noted that most events are at lunchtime.  As a workplace club this is likely to be the best time to run for the majority.  We do have 3-4 evening runs per year, including Kat’s NF pub run last week, which was well publicised and had c 10 attendees.  We feel it would be difficult to get sufficient interest in regular evening or morning runners, but all our members are, or can be, part of the OSR yammer group, so feel free to post ‘anyone interested in Xkm at X pace at X location’ this Friday’ type messages .  This will also mean you get to run with and meet other members of the club who might not be on your usual ‘lunch run?’ email and Skype conversations.


Hats/caps were fairly popular responses.  Shorts/leggings were mentioned but there is a large variety of preferences of what we were (baggy shorts, tight shorts, short leggings, long leggings) that means ranging for all runners and in sufficient sizes would be prohibitive.  We will investigate OSR branded hats and caps and will get back to you once we have a better idea of cost/design and general viability.

Length of lunch runs

Several respondents commented that running at lunch is difficult as they ‘have to be back in an hour’ or similar.

Mixed Ability – Starting immediately, the coach will leave outside the changing rooms at 12:10, runners who are later can catch up on the warm up jog, or miss the first part of the session

Mixed Ability – We noted that it is fairly modular and it is usually possible to do 5 hills reps instead of 10 etc, but coaches will make this more apparent to all.

Mixed Ability – Rather than having drills at the start of each session, we will consider having a specific session in each mesocycle (8 week block) tailored towards drills

Club Champs

There were a few responses along the lines of ‘elitist’ etc.  We like to celebrate success at OSR but also noted that the dedication award is in no way related to running speed and it would be extremely difficult for a faster runner to win the ‘most improved’ runner category.

It was noted that the distance is set at 5km.  While we accept this criticism, the geographic disparity of our membership base makes parkrun the most viable platform for the champs.  We also note that it is run over a distance that is accessible for most runners and is free to enter.  It would be difficult to find these benefits and wide geographic spread if we were to change this, or add, other distances.


Thank you also for all your praise of everything we do, running OSR isn’t always a simple task, we do our best, but don’t always get it right, so its nice to feel the love from you!

Finally, don’t feel your feedback and comments have to be restricted to once a year, the committee meet every month and we can always make changes if things aren’t working as we would all like them too.