30 minute challenge, November 2018

November 2018’s 30 minute challenge, saw a slight route variation – up the path, past Tesco’s, right onto Lee Lane, then left onto Church Lane and for those who got far enough, onto the (vaguely muddy) Test Way path to Mill Lane.

We also welcomed first timers to the challenge, Kevin Hurle and Emily Hatch.

At 12:15:16, Keith and James set us off and then waited.  Looking at strava flybys I can see that a group of Jamie, Luc, Eddie and Baz formed, while Emily and Karen looked to be engaged in a bit of a race in front of them.  At the front, there was no race, as Paul shot off the front, leaving Dean, both Ian’s and me (Matt) in his wake.

Congratulations to Claire and Matt, both recording distance PB’s for the challenge.

Commiserations to Ian for missing the cut off – going the wrong way on the way back (by finding random gap in trees and thinking it was the route on the trail section) certainly didn’t help.

First to turn (of those on Strava) was Emily, in 13:15, while last was Paul at 15:15, which got me thinking, how much distance was left out on the course and by implication how much further could you run next time.

Emily, Ian S and Lucie – we expect big improvements next time 😉

In other news;

Lucie thought it was a no devices run (so some excuse for coming back too soon)

Tim M lost his ever present (EP) status for the 30 minute challenge, leaving just Karen and Matt remaining – I fear this could be a battle I (Matt) cannot win.

Finally, big thank you to James and Keith for timing and photographing the event.