November 2018 Handicap

The lucky handicap weather wasn’t going to last forever, was it? This November, 18 runners braced the rain for the 5th occurrence of the new route, and together we managed an average of  23:44.

We had 2 newcomers for this route and 3 PBs. Safe to say, Emily Bennett won this handicap fair and square shaving off an impressive 2:26 for a whooping 23:22! What was her secret weapon you ask? The class of a pacer, Jon Sharkey. Apologies Jon, if you now get floods of emails from people asking you to pace them as well (Not giving anyone any ideas…).

I want to also give a huge mention to Gemma Jones, our timer this month, who not only timed completely on her own and for the first time ever. She isn’t even part of the running club! (yet..) We all know how easy it is to catch that darn running bug that has you going out rain or shine and coming back red faced, heavy legged and out of breath. We look forward to welcoming you as a runner to one of our future handicap events ;).

Please find your times, as well as all previous times for this route below. As always, PBs are highlighted in red. Well done everyone for another successful event! Our next handicap will take place on December 17th and will be a ‘guess your time’ handicap. The person to come closest to their guessed time will get a price…

Until next time,