Blind Christmas 2018 Handicap Run

We are almost at the finish line, with a week to go till Christmas Eve, and the last official work day before Christmas shut down (if you haven’t gotten away early), the OS Runners braved one last handicap in 2018. 

This month, everyone ran blind, that is everyone guessed their time before starting and then covered their watches with tape. Whilst runners were also encouraged to wear Christmas gear, a special shout out has to go to Peter Baker for being the only one that did with a big fat turkey hat on his head! 

Our winner this year was Tim Manners who was 10 seconds off of his guessed time. This was closely followed by James Clarke who was a mere 12 seconds off. In third place was our turkey wearing star, Peter Baker with 18 seconds off of his guessed time. 

Congratulations, for your achievements, although I do have to say, I’m not sure these scores would have held up in previous years. Record remains at 1 second from Mick in previous years. We’ve also had a 
 3 second winner (Eddie), and two 2 seconds (Adam A and Matt P). 

All but three people beat their predictions,
and with an average variance across all runners was 1:11,  I believe far too many of you have given modest predictions. More faith in yourselves next year! 

Let’s not forget about the usual reportings. We had 7 PBs, particularly shout out to Keith Spiers and Kat Earls who blew their PB out of the water with respective 41s and 44s

You can have a closer look at your times, guessed times, variance and several other stats below, followed as always with some beautiful photos.