Stubbington 10k – PB’s Abound

Stubbington 10k is a well attended event for OS Runners with 23 OS Runners taking to the start line.   It was a bit of a cold day, which is perfect ‘vest’ running conditions for some runners, while others were wearing base layers, long sleeve tops, gloves and all other available accoutrements.

We would have been allowed to wear Stubbington race shirts for this picture as it was ‘post run’

Stubbington is a fast, single lap course, definitely conducive to fast times, as several OSR’s provided, well done to Karen, Kat, James and Rachael, the first 3 all proving that marathon training helps you over shorter distances too.

Stubbington is quite unique in that on entry they ask for your predicted time and race numbers are then allocated in descending order, so there is a definite challenge to achieve a higher finishing position than your number and therefore ‘beat your number’, so in the results I’ve put the race numbers and also adjusted them for the 199 DNS’s (1950 no’s available). 

Some exceptional performances, but also a bit of this when submitting our estimated finish times

Early team results indicate the women came 3rd and men 4th in their respective Hampshire Road Race Leagues – we have the quality to do pretty well in this competition – just a matter of getting a qualifying team (4 men, 3 women) out in each race.  You are allowed to be 1 runner short and still receive a team score, but less than that is a ‘no score’.

Afterwards all back to Keith’s for a fabulous feast of chilli, lasagne and cake, where Dean also demonstrated great fielding skills to avoid Matt’s car keys going down a drain

OS Trainers.  Not sure who ran the 10k in baseball daps