February 2019 Handicap

According to the solar calendar it’s still winter, but pretty sure we all experienced the start of Spring today? 14 degrees and blazin sunshine. Nonetheless, even with this weather, it’s hard to follow (RED) January in attendance numbers. We had 17 runners, 2 of which were newcomers to this route, Jan Anglim and Siobhan Ryan, who is just coming back from injury. Way to get back into it Siobhan!

3 course PBs; Sean O’Grady, Peat Allan and Tim Manners, which is a total of 12% of all runners today. We might not be able to match or beat January in terms of attendance numbers, bu at least we’re staying in line with it in terms of the percentage of total PBs (which was just short of 13% in January), and beat it in terms of average time; 00:25:59 (00:28:24 in January).

This month we also trialed a new method for timing, which has people set off in groups at 1 minute intervals rather than individually at random times sometimes with only a few seconds between runners. So far feedback is positive about this! Something tells me this could possibly speed up some people if they are grouped with just that tad bit faster PB… Once all the feedback for this method of timing has been collected, the committee will discuss this and make a decision on which method we will use going forward.

Below you can find everyone’s times. Red outline means newcomer, whilst red and bold means PB.

Plenty of photos follow below. Although, I must admit photographing into the sunshine has hidden some of your lovely post-race faces. (Maybe a good thing? :P) These are cropped image links to the full media file for those of you that want to ‘right click – save’ on their photo.