February Social Run

After the excitement of RED January and the changing rooms seeming continually busy, some had wondered if the running bug would stick as we entered a wet February. Our monthly Social run proved that runners are not put off by a heavy drizzle with lots of people out.

With the Desk 2 5k group also reaching a week 4 milestone, there was plenty going on. Just as soon as RED January was completed, RED runner and Project Manager Chloe was itching to get back outside. “I enjoy the social run because it is nice to be able to run with a group of people who can run along at your pace rather than being really speedy! And it’s a great way to spend your lunch time getting outside.”

Remote Sensing’s Jean and husband Sam Martin were also missing RED January and said, “This is a great opportunity to get away from my desk and run at my pace with colleagues who are of the same ability. It’s a friendly atmosphere and not too hard to do.”

Isabel can often be seen heading out from the changing rooms on a Tuesday, so the monthly social run coincided nicely! Some of us headed off on the 5k handicap route and Isabel’s comment was …. “I barely noticed the distance – so good to chat the whole way round.”

Running regular and spreadsheet lover Matt P headed round the Lordshill 10k route and likes running with other people en-mass. “I like the social run as you tend to get a wider range of runners out – I’ve got lots of great ‘everydays’ a runday’ running friends. Having a club organised monthly social run tends to encourage those who are able to lunch run a little less regularly to come out on a specific day, as a result I get to run with new people and have a chat too. The more people we get out the easier it is to split into groups based on pace/distance.”

Matt’s ‘everydays’ a runday’ partner in crime Karen was on brand with this weeks’ ‘Time To Talk’ “Social running = networking, stress-relief, #TimeToTalk, friends, fresh air and a happier, healthy me 😊”

OS Runners Committee member Lucie said “I don’t really have a regular group of people I always go out with week to week, so the social run always encourages me to go out. 😊.”

New to the Committee is Dean, who said “Friendly, chatty, multiple groups and paces – opportunity to talk and meet other people from OSR and around OS as a business.” Hope to see lots of people out on the next social run on Tuesday 5th March!