April Handicap 2019


The April Handicap came shortly after the long boiling Easter Weekend. Despite the warmer temperatures we’ve been experiencing, this day was rather cold and rainy. Nonetheless, we had 19 runners turn up this week, and records were broken! Jon Sharkey beat his own PB and with it also the male course record (which he already held). The new male course record now sits at 16:53!!

We also had another 4 PBs alongside Jon’s. Congratulations to Jason, Jules Klinko, Siobhain and Robert for your course PBs. Some of you shaved off over a minute of your time! What extraordinary accomplishments! There is definitely more in you with those time shavings ;).

With the London marathon coming up this weekend, two of our runners, Kat and James Norris, took an easier jog around. Best of luck to the both of you, as well as Karen who sat this one out entirely to rest and help myself with the timing. May all the running stars align to provide you guys with the best conditions on Sunday!

Everyone’s times are down below along with the usual statistics. As always personal bests are in red and bold. First timers have a red box, although we didn’t have any this time around.

Below some individual photos for you to download and use for your next social media profile picture ;).