March Handicap 2019

The whole group
Our ‘Desk 2 5k’ Graduates

The March Handicap this year marked two important events. Firstly, it was the first time we teamed up with the OS Photography Society, hence the exponentially nicer and more professional photos that follow down below. As such I want to give a big Thanks to the OS Photography Society, for their completely voluntary work and time.

Secondly, this handicap marks the fabulous graduation for everyone who took part in this year’s ‘Desk 2 5k’ programme. This year we had 9 graduates, which is one more than last year. A huge congratulations to Samuel Andrews, Kim Hadley, Rachel Angell, Marianne Pope, Peter Parslow, Alex Jacob, Teresa Binks, Karen White and Diana Moraru for finishing the programme! This was the gateway to the rest of your running career ;). Judging by the feedback, I believe the programme and finishing it off with the Handicap alongside the rest of the club was a positive, albeit sometimes hard and sweaty experience for everyone.

Rachel said “I never thought I would be able to run 5k in 10 weeks, but with the help & motivation from the desk to 5k helpers I managed to complete my first handicap. The atmosphere was amazing & everyone was so supportive which inspired me to keep running! ” – Well then, I certainly look forward to seeing you in the changing rooms in future as you keep running ;)!

Marianne seems equally chuffed to have reached a year-long goal. “I’m just so proud of being able to run 5k. It’s been a goal of mine for a year or so but I’ve not had the motivation to achieve it by myself. Joining the Desk 2 5k group gave me the support I needed and I honestly don’t think I would have done it without that help.”

Samuel gives a well deserved shout out to all the ‘Desk 2 5k’ organisiers – “The handicap run yesterday was a great experience and a perfect finish to a really worthwhile journey. The organisers of ‘Desk 2 5k’ have been great with their commitment and support on the road. I achieved a time in the handicap I never expected thanks to the support of all the other runners. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Diana, who has done the ‘Desk 2 5k’ programme before, reminisces on the two experiences, and believes she’s seen improvements! “As for the Handicap,” she says, “it was the first time I did it and really enjoyed the cheer and support from everyone and great attendance!”

Alex laughs as says “If you’d have told me before Christmas that I would successfully run 5k in 11 weeks… no walking… I’d have laughed before adamantly declaring that I don’t run. Thanks to the support and motivation from all the ‘Desk 2 5k’ helpers and organisers they kept me coming back each week and now 5k isn’t so laughable. It has all been a brilliant experience and completing the handicap was such an achievement. Everyone was so friendly and motivating with such an awesome positive atmosphere at the finish line!” Girl, welcome to the club! We are a friendly and motivating bunch ;).

Karen makes a joke and says “it’s never too old to start”. To go along with the general ‘good vibes’ consensus of all the runners that came above, Karen “just wanted to say how pleased [she] was to have completed the ‘Desk 2 5k’ handicap with the support and encouragement given to me by my fellow runners!!!”

Now all glory to our graduates, but let’s not forget about the rest. This month we had another 6 first timers on this route, including Viv Alexander, Simon Bonney, Liz Beverley, Isabel Sarget, Bob Fowler and Augustus Smith. As such this means we had a total of 37 attendees! That is almost as many as during the mad RED January. Solid team effort.

I also want to give a shout out to our 9 PBers, David Ball, Elizabeth Cole, James Barwell, Kevin Hurle, Kim Hadley (who was actually also on our ‘desk 2 5k’ programme, but has run the handicap in the past! Testimony the programme does work ;)), Mark Tabor, Lucie Woellenstein and Tim Manners.

Finally, last but certainly not least, a big thank you to our Timers, Ian Robinson and Jon Sharkey.

To everyone, as always, please find the results below. First Timers are marked with a red box and PBs in red and bold.