30 minute challenge

It was a small, but fairly elite field for today’s 30 minute challenge, which resulted in the highest ever average distance covered – 6.85km, beating the previous best of 6.73km from 20 September 2018.

It was a new route today, beginners loop with the bottom end of the handicap. Its 2.5 round the loop and back to start, so 5 miles if you complete it, which so very nearly happened

I thought if anyone completed the loop it would be Jon (he was on an easy day though), I certainly didn’t envisage James getting so close.

Anyway here are the times and distances;

Everyone made it back inside 30:00. Even Ian R, who has form for missing out

Having missed the 30 minute cut off on her last appearance, Liz was obviously keen to record a distance today and did so with room to spare.

Congratulations to Mark who was the only runner to record a record distance today. I also like to look at the achievable distance for each runner if they’d utilised the full 29:59.99 available – so Jon and Liz as first timers, could have run a bit further than they did, Mark S could have put an extra 70 metres on his PB and I (Matt) could have PB’d 🙁