OSR Club Championships 2019

For the 5th year running, OSR Club Championships have taken place at parkrun (any parkrun) on a Saturday in May.  Most people tend to run at Southampton, but in all we had 17 different events with an OS Runner in their results.

There are several prizes up for grabs – Fastest Male, Fastest Female, WAVA Male, WAVA Female and Most Improved, all of which are keenly fought over and tend to result in a bit more effort being expended than on a usual Saturday, even for those who are unlikely to be winning a trophy – as its a nice benchmark of your improvement (or not!) over the last 12 months.  The Club Champs also mark the culmination of the Participation Award year.

Southampton contingent

As it turned out this would be a record year for attendance, with 51 runners competing, (2018 – 49, 2017 – 34, 2016 – 25, 2015 – 19).  It also marks the slowest average time in Club Champs history (25:19), but just like parkrun itself which has shown slower average times for each year of its history, this is a great thing for inclusivity and also noting that the penultimate finisher in the first champs was a certain Karen Connell – todays tortoise might be tomorrow’s hare!

Anyway, here are the winners, Congratulations to Sam, James, Nicole, Mark and Vicki (roll down).  Ian Robinson was the winner of the participation award, for the 2nd year running.

Also worthy of note are all the runners who achieved PB’s – congratulations to; James C, Mark S, Vicki, Karen, Rachael, Sam, James N & Jeannie.  Commiserations of sorts to Dean who equalled his PB.

Below is the complete history of runners at the club champs – 6 people have run in every event – Karen, Mark T, Matt P, Mick, Neil and Rachael, but only one has managed continuous improvement – Congratulations Rachael

I know Tara Bell and Tara Anglim are the same person, its just hard to merge the files …
Apparantly John Horton is in this picture, try as I might, I can’t find him
Shaun was beaten by Elise
is the image supposed to be a bird?
In the after pic, Rob looks exactly the same, Naomi had actually put some effort in
Greetings from Winchester
Wormwood Scrubs