CSSC 10k 2019

The Civil Service Sports Council are our biggest financial sponsor, contributing most of the money (£1,500-£2,000) we need each year to keep OS Runners running and do all the various activities we undertake such as Sports Day, Club Champs awards, kit subsidies etc.

The Annual 10k race (which is actually a bit more like 10.2k) round the former Olympic Park in East London is probably their biggest running event and OS always have a great turnout – this year 16 of us took part, making up ~ 9% of the field – not bad for a relatively small organisation in Southampton.

Having come away with quite a few medals last year, we were hopeful of achieving a similar level of success this year, but I don’t think anyone anticipated what transpired …

In the Velodrome before, hopefully Jon and Tony have made up since this picture (you could get a bus through that gap)

The course itself is 4 laps of a sort of figure of 8, which means there are plenty of opportunities to see & encourage other OSR’s on the ‘out n back’, they go over bridges as you go under or as you lap/get lapped by them.

Its not really a figure of 8, but hopefully you get the idea – from the green dot, west, then south, u turn at the bottom to go north to the top, then along the river, before crossing the southern bridge, north to the velopark and west to the green dot.  Sounds like a lot, you’ve got to it 3 more times yet …

As I say, previously OS have done well at this event.  This year, individually we maxed out – huge Congratulations to Jon Sharkey and Nicole Frith who both won their races and can now say they are the fastest 10k runners in the Civil Service.

Winner, Winner

They weren’t the only winners either, Mick Anglim won the M70 race while Nicole, Karen and Emily were 3rd women’s team.

Emily was running in her first ever 10k race. It’s going to be hard to beat this level of achievement.

Elsewhere there were lots of great individual performances, but we lacked the mid-field strength to win more team prizes this year – as the team prizes work on position of your first 3 or 4 finishers the more runners you have the better your chances – both in terms of scoring for OS and also taking points from other organisations.

Nicole Firth, Ordance Survey ….
The legendary Norris Sprint Finish – James was hitting 14 miles per hour (4:15 per mile pace) at this point – the volunteers at the finish line scattered as he flew towards them
Is this a new OSR photo tradition – boys at the back, girls at the front

The next CSSC event is the Cross Country at Parliament Hill on 9 October, hopefully it will be a little cooler and a bit muddier under foot than last year.  More details to follow nearer the time and it would be great to have a big OSR turnout.