May & June 2019 Handicap

Today I’m going to sum up both the May and the June Handicap in one blog post, since time ran away from me last time and before I knew it we ran another one, but we wouldn’t wanna miss out on recognizing any of the PBs, first timers and winners from last month, would we?

So let’s start with the May Handicap. We had 3 first timers, Hannah Ellicot, James Blyth and John Kedar. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Handicap! We also had 3 PBs. Congratulations to David Henderson, Peat Allan and Sam Martin. Of the three, the clear Handicap winner was is Peat Allan. Results for everyone is below.

Now June…I think we can all agree this has been the hottest handicap of the year so far. I would maybe go as far as saying that was the first time since last Summer that we had to run in actual heat. Here’s hoping that Summer has FINALLY started. Perhaps this is why we saw far fewer runners than normally, 13 in total. So perhaps not a huge shock that there were no new newcomers, and only one PB! Congratulations to Alan Parvin for knocking off a full 54 seconds in the muggy heat! Clear winner of this months Handicap. Well done 🙂 ! Overall our average was almost 2 minutes faster than last month, so a well done on the group effort from everyone! Results for the June Handicap are down below.

I hope to see everyone again next month! 🙂

May Handicap Photos

June Handicap Photos