Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL)

OS Runners is a member of the HRRL and enter 1 mens and 1 womens team in the league each season.

HRRL (well actually the member clubs) choose 12 races in Hampshire (if you think Salisbury is in Hampshire …. ) each year from 5 mile to half marathon and these races are part of the league. http://www.hrrl.org.uk/default.htm

All HRRL races follow these principles;

Races are put on by running clubs (so your entry fee goes back into running rather than a corporate profit line).

Race fees must be reasonable (HRRL are conscious that we aren’t all millionaires and running can be an expensive hobby – I can’t think of any fees that are over £20).

All races must allow race transfers, so if you enter and then can’t run for any reason you can transfer (sell) your place. There is a facebook group called ‘HRRL number swaps’ which is very active with people looking for places in the run up to events – all events sell out quite easily, because they are cheap, quality local events.

From a runners perspective, you tend to see the same people at each event and friendly rivalry’s can build up – similar to those a lot of us will have at parkrun – ‘if I can just beat XXXX then I’ll be happy’ which drives an element of personal improvement.

There are 2 other runner incentives; 1) The Mug – There is an individual league for runners, based on finishing place. Each runner who completes at least 7 of the 12 races is included in the individual league and ultimately receives a free mug with their position in the league on – see picture below. 2) The t-shirt – Run all 12 events and you receive, for free, a great ‘I ran all 12’ t-shirt – modelled below by Vicki Clarke. The mug competition and the desire to get as high a final placing as possible can become a bit of an obsession if you are that way inclined (Looking at James C & Matt P).

The 2018-19 league has just finished (Lordshill is the final race) with 2019-20 starting with Overton 5 mile on 1st September and then running through Solent Half (Vicki is the Race Director), Gosport Half, Hayling 10 mile, Victory 5 mile, Stubbington 10k, Ryde 10 mile, Salisbury 10 mile, Alton 10 mile, Netley 10k, Alresford 10k & Lordshill 10k. The first 5 races are all open for entries – links below, indeed Overton has less than 200 places left, so if you fancy it don’t delay – remembering you’ll be able to transfer your place quite easily

http://www.overtonharriers.org.uk/overton-5/ http://www.hardleyrunners.co.uk/SolentHalf.html http://gosporthalf.org/ http://www.havantac.co.uk/hayling-10/ http://victoryac.clubbuzz.co.uk/parents

If you do like the idea of competing in a few league races, then you’d also be well advised to join OSR as an EA Athlete – if you haven’t already – as the £2 ‘non affiliated’ race entry fee can be pretty easily earned back – its £15 to join OS Runners as EA Affiliation – see James Clarke if you are interested.

There is also a club league, with the first 4 men & 3 women in each event for OSR counting for our club place – it doesn’t need to be the same 4 or 3 in each event and we don’t need to pre-specify – simply the first few OS vests over the line. You might be thinking ‘I’m not good enough to be top 3 or 4’ – well actually you probably are – OSR has lots of really great runners and we do well in the events we get a team out for – that’s the challenge – when we get a team we do well in the team competition, but all too often we do not score due to having insufficient runners. At Stubbington both male and female teams were complete and both teams score was a Division 2 score (we currently reside in Div 3 due to non scoring in lots of events).

I (Matt) am going for the t-shirt in 19/20 so, God willing, you will see me at all events – you’ll have to decide for yourself if this is an incentive …