July Handicap 2019

A heatwave has taken hold of GB, but that does not stop OS Runners…Hottest day of the year so far and still we had 18 runners out there battling the elements during the July Handicap. That is 5 more than we had last month. Seems we’d rather run in blazing sunshine than the rain 😉.

A special mention must go to our two course PB’ers, Neil Wilson and Sam Andrews. Please let us in on your secrets, because I’m absolutely baffled at this achievement! Of the two, I believe Neil takes home the gold for this handicap, shaving a whole 6 minutes and 20 seconds off his previous time.

Overall, we had the second-best average time of 2019 with 24:34, a bare 4 seconds off of last month. So evidently, a great effort from everyone!

Special thanks go to Naomi for timing second month in a row and Liz for taking the photos posted below.

That’s all for now, I hope to see you all next month, which will be an extra special one for two of our club members, as their last handicap as OS employees…Not one to miss!