Lordshill 10k

Taking part in his first ever 10k race, thanks to Sam Newman (Baz’s oldest) for the write up

I signed up to Lordshill 10k on the premise of raising funds for my rugby tour to South Africa in 2020. I believed at first that it would be difficult as it would be my first 10k; I was extremely wrong. I had my breakfast, one bowl of cheerios. I got dressed into my OS runners top and waited for my dad to get ready. I thought that I wouldn’t be nervous as I was excited to go but I was.

My dad and I went for a jog down to the start, something I was reluctant to do as normally I don’t warm up at all. Halfway through the warm up I was knackered and once we got to OS I completely was out of breath. I got my number and mingled with the other runners and went to the start. I noticed that people I originally thought were faster than me, were ahead of me. The start took a long time and I thought that it would never begin. I made my way up the field a minute before the gun went off and then I set off following another runner with the idea of sprinting past them on the last stretch. The start was tight as there were gates up on the first stretch of path just past the start line. I saw someone fall and that made me take extreme caution as to where my feet were going. Before getting near to the heart of Nursling I felt tired and I nearly lost the runner I was following.

That made me determined to catch up to them. I did for a very long time all the way until I nearly overtook them. I held myself back so that I wouldn’t get sprint finished myself and also so that I had someone to pace me. I kept up with them all the way until Redbridge Lane where I lost them, my feet were killing me and there was no way I was keeping up with them, but I kept going. No one overtook me down that stretch of road and I didn’t overtake anyone either. Until I got to the bottom of Redbridge Lane when someone had the nerve to run past me, I didn’t think of it at the time until another runner tried to do the same and I wasn’t having any of it. I opened up my stride and pounded my feet all the way to the finish, and regardless of the pain I was in, I was flying past, everyone screaming my name to go faster, I felt like the fastest man alive – no one could stop me. I flew to the line and as soon as I crossed it I suddenly felt the consequences pain Pain! PAIN!!!.

I couldn’t breathe, see straight or stand. Pain. I immediately grabbed my glass, my banana and my drink. Does anyone else hate the taste of water after a run or is it just me? Probably just me, but that was my first 10k.

A few other bits to note from me (Matt), congratulations to Liz and Vicki on their PB’s

Full results for OSR’s are below;

This was the last HRRL race of 2018-19, the new season starts with Overton 5 on 1 September and then proceeds to Solent Half, (Vicki Clarke is the Race Director), Gosport Half, Hayling 10, Victory 5, Stubbington 10k, Ryde 10 mile, Salisbury 10 mile, Alton 10 mile, Netley 10k, Alresford 10k and Lordshill 10k.  All races are cheap, competitive and good fun.  http://www.hrrl.org.uk/default.htm  It is a requirement of the league that the events allow transfers (& as they are HRRL they do sell out), so better to enter now and sell your place on if you subsequently can no longer run – there is a very active facebook page – ‘HRRL number swaps’ for number sales.