August 2019 Handicap

This is a very special write up for me. Yesterday marked the last handicap that I will probably ever run with the OS Runners. Although, never say never! The OS Runners have been a huge part of my life here in Southampton. Whilst I always ran a little bit, it wasn’t until I joined this club that I really fell in love with this sport. Not only have you all contributed to that, but you were also a big part of my social life here and always encouraged me to try harder and go bigger. So before I go into all things Handicap, I just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone for this! Organising the handicaps has been one of my responsibilities as part of the committee for some 18 months, so this really was a double whammy emotional run for me. So I wish the next person taking this over the best of luck! 🙂

This was also a special run for one of our old timers, Bob Fowler, who will be retiring from Ordnance Survey on the 3rd of September. Bob joined OS in 1991, moving from the Property Services Agency in Hastings, which was being privatised.  He joined in Technical Support next to the Computer room in the West Block of the old Maybush building.  After 2 years Bob had the chance to join the Database Team, which was primarily Oracle for many years.  He liked this job so much that he stayed in it and through various incarnations of IT Support ever since.

Bob’s running started when he was about 30, living in Ealing and he did a few local fun runs.  Then he and a few friends started a lunchtime running group where they worked in Holborn.  They started with four times round Lincolns Inn Fields  then progressed to routes like across Blackfriars Bridge, down the South Bank, back across Vauxhall Bridge and back to Holborn. They also had routes all around Whitehall, St James Park and Green Park.  Then Bob moved to Hastings and his running really took off.  He joined Hastings Runners and discovered hills – steep ones! Bob did two Hastings half marathons. There was a running group at the PSA and they used to do up to 7 mile routes around the Hastings ridge at lunchtime.  When Bob moved to Southampton he was told about Lordshill Runners and has been with them ever since.  He discovered RR10s, CC6s and latterly Parkrun.  At OS Bob, until very recently, did the CSSC 10ks.  His highlight of these was winning the over 60’s at Loughborough the year before Mick Anglim turned 60!  Unfortunately, because of a hereditary joint issue, Bob is unable to run “hard” anymore but is still very active and walks/cycles daily and does Parkruns.

Okay, so finally to the results! This month we had 15 runners, with an average group speed of 25:31. We had 3 PBs and 1 first timer for the course! Congratulations to Viv Alexander who takes home the gold for this handicap shaving off 20 seconds from her PB and also getting a sub 30 minutes on this course for the first time! Recovery going strong ;).

A big thank you to Naomi Stanley, who has timed 3 months in a row now! I wonder if she can give Ian Robinson a run for his money on the participation award… Thanks also to Siobhain Ryan for taking all the pictures, and everyone else that came out to support but didn’t run.

Results are below. As always red and bold are your PBs and red outlines are first time appearances on the course.

Handicap Results

And last but not least, some photos of everyone trying their hardest as they cross the finish line are at the end of this post…

And last last but definitely not least, a big goodbye from me! If anyone is running or will be around at the New Forest running events on the 8th of September, then I will see you there. Otherwise, if I don’t catch you, I’m sure I will see you at some bigger events over the years, and if you’re ever in Edinburgh, give me a shout!