One Giant Leap for OS Runners

By Naomi Stanley

After a hot summer, the weather behaved itself for our annual OS Runners Sports Day.  In normal tradition, after work, on a Friday in the school holidays we headed down to Southampton Sports Centre and the running track.

1 mile results:

PositionNameTime (min:sec)
1 (Gold)Shaun Murray-Brown5:23
2 (Silver)Dean Paulley5:25
3 (Bronze)Matt Pillinger6:18
4Keith Spiers6:29
5Mike Butt6:30
6Karen Connell6:37
7David Henderson6:37
8Rachael Evans7:00
9Calum Henderson7:01

400m results

PositionNameTime (min:sec)
1 (Gold)Shaun Murray-Brown1:07
2 (Silver)Mark Aston1:10
3 (Bronze)Dean Paulley1:14
4David Henderson1:19
5Keith Spiers1:24
6Calum Henderson1:26
7Karen Connell1:28
8Rachael Evans1:35

The short distance races were interspersed in the longer races to give runners a bit of a break!  The 50m race saw a battle of the Tim’s with Tim Newman coming first, closely followed by Tim Manners and then Shaun.  100m saw Mark Aston snatch 1st from Tim M who got another Silver medals and representing the younger runners, Darcey Butt wowed everyone by coming third.  After Tim N’s gold in the 50m, he recreated this form in the 200m, to be followed in to a photo finish from Mark and Shaun.

Skipping (200m) results:

PositionNameTIme (seconds)
1 (Gold)Rob Finch34.6
2 (Silver)Tim Newman36.8
3 (Bronze)Mark Aston37.2
4Adela Murray-Brown44.2
5Karen Connell52.9
6Darcey Butt58.1
7Emma Butt60.0
Rob taking the skipping crown, with the battle for 2nd and 3rd coming up!
As you can see, it was a photo finish for 2nd and 3rd place – Olympians would be proud of the commitment into this skipping!
Once again, David Henderson showed off his egg and spoon skills and to see off fierce competition to win the headline race.

To keep things different, we introduced a new event for this year only, to celebrate 50 years since man first walked on the moon.  ‘One Giant Leap for OS Runners’ saw all competitors leap as far forward as they could from a standing start. Tim Newman saw off competition from Calum Henderson and Shaun Murray-Brown by jumping an incredible 2.5m and Darcey was crowned junior champion jumping 1.7m!

The penultimate event was our fun relay, with a combination of egg and spoon, backwards running, skipping, hopping and under 10 year old involved.  The winning team was made up of more family duo’s of a Henderson/Manners combination!  

To end the day in traditional Olympics style, we finished with the 4 x 100m relay.  After some initial reluctance by competitors, who now were all feeling rather tired and very hungry…a last minute team, created on the sidelines of Shaun, Adela, Tim N and Keith went on to win the event!

In true OS Runners tradition, we then tucked into a picnic in the sunshine.  Another great Sports Day!