September handicap 2019

A short break in the torrential rain gave 13 runners a clear run on the 5km handicap route, this month running anti-clockwise. This time the handicap was entirely male #ThisBoyCan, with the exception of me doing the timing (did I mention my ultra-marathon tomorrow)!

Impressively, Jon Sharkey put in a spritely time of 18:07 despite his mega effort of running 37 miles of building laps on Fitness Day, he said he felt “alright”!

Here are the full results, congratulations to Sam Andrews, the only runner to PB today.

Also worthy of note that this is the fastest average time (22:56) on the new course, beating the old 23:17 record from December 2018.

The last time we had an all male handicap was April 2016, coincidentally Karen was also the timer on that occasion. With Lucie and Rachael both leaving OS and Naomi pregnant, it might become a slightly more regular occurrence 🙁 Hopefully Emily’s B & H, Jules, Julie, Claire and countless others will endeavour to ensure it doesn’t happen too often.

Also worth mentioning, Ian R, who started the week requesting a 24:00 time, Matt thought he was sandbagging then and having watched (followed) him at Mixed Ability yesterday, talked him down to 22:00. His run today, either indicative of prediction skills, or more likely his running talent and determination.

Thanks to Mike Butt for helping me out with the timing.