October 2019 Handicap

On a somewhat windy day (who knew you could have a headwind the whole way round the course), just 9 OSR’s took to the start line, including first timers Phil Clayton and Ray Marr. My thanks to Alan P and Keith who ran with them throughout to ensure they didn’t get lost (& hopefully made their first handicap more enjoyable). 9 is also our lowest attendance this year and lowest since August 2014.

Unsurprisingly the wind meant there were no PB’s today – the first occasion this year and the first time on the current route (the last time with no PB’s on any course was April 2015!) but Sam Andrews came closest, missing out by less than 10 seconds, which certainly put him in a good place for when the conditions are a bit more friendly.

Anyway, here are the official results. As usual, if the runners self time is different to the official time, I take the lower one, unless there is a big discrepancy, then I try and work out why. Thankfully all times in alignment to within 1 second today – thank you to Mark S for his excellent timing.

Finally, big thank you Kat for taking lots of pictures and supporting us at the finish, along with Jena

Siobhain modelling this years GSR t-shirt
Alan smiling his way round with Phil
I’m the first one to complain about walkers in cycling lanes when I am on my bike …
Damn those few seconds outside my PB
Keith making sure Ray doesn’t get lost (& also quite unlike Keith, being at the front of the photo!)
That’s all for another month, see you on 25th November